Fast Times for Bocannaco

Thanks to the Bo-Bay Team for an awesome event yesterday...


We will catch up on the Call tonight, 6pm! Things are moving FAST.


From the WHAAAAT  Department:

Opioid crisis cost $504B in 2015, higher than once thought

 WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump said Monday that the opioid epidemic is “ravaging so many American families and communities.” It also appears to be more expensive than previously thought, according to a government analysis released Monday.   Opioid crisis cost $504B in 2015, higher than once thought


Update from Mary:

Thanks Barb,The dog still has a little hitch in her giddy-up, but she is starting to run and jump even tho the vet said she shouldn't jump..Can't keep an active dog down.   She still is not going UP steps but will go down them.  The weight is put on her back legs when she goes up a step so she is still hesitant.  But every day we see stronger improvements.  Still giving her 4 drops of CBD oil eve…
It always gets faster in the home stretch!

And Bocannaco Launch is entering the Home Stretch!

Join the Bo-Bay Area Team tomorrow if you can -- details on yesterday's blog.
Bocannaco Call this week IS ON SUNDAY!  6pm.  May 20.  

Dial (515) 739-1030     Access Code 319-289-214#

And now, FEATURING A surprise email from a Happy Bocannaco pre-Consumer in the middle of the country:)

"Hi guys,  I hope all is well. I wanted to let you know how Bocannaco has been working for me. 
The reason I was really interested in CBD/Hemp Oil was for my anxiety. When I was driving or when things suddenly went out of plan or not in "the plan", I would get anxiety so bad. It started about 5 years ago and progressively got worse over the years. My therapist seemed to think it wasn't just anxiety but more of anxiety attacks. I wanted to try anything that was all natural before I went to a doctor-prescribed medication. So that is when I started to try CB…

Bay Area Invitation


You  are invited to join us for our Bocannaco Business Opportunity Lunch 

"Mix and Mingle" with our Motivators Mike and Barb Lammons and our Bay Area Leaders!

Learn Tips and Ideas on How to make this Business Grow and be a Star !

When : May 19, 2018 @ 12:00pm.Saturday
Where: Red Lobster @ 1210 El Camino Real, San Bruno CA

 (We Go Dutch please :)

Mike will have cute samples from Doc and Macy just for the event!


Heard from Dr. Lawrence this morning;  he is SO busy!  Gearing up for production as he got a firm date on the custom bottles arrival (and you're going to be happy)-- and so sleeves, labels, etc. are getting produced, etc.  Oil will be awaiting the arrival of the bottles and Mike will send text re. date if he hasn't already.


All Distributor Agreements that we have received  to date are being hand-delivered to David Daniels for inputting into website  starting Saturday so your back offices will be LIVE …

Bocannaco Great and Mighty Forces

Thank you, Mary in PA for sending this along today:
Dear Mike and Barb,
I wanted to let you know how the CBD oil has helped my son's dog.
He has a very active small chihuahua who MUST be ADHD.  She is a non-stop dog who loves to run and jump.  If she were a race horse I have full confidence she could win any derby!
Last Thursday night, she was playing with my chihuahua who is more chunky than Socket, my son's dog.  All of a sudden after some playing she hopped up on my lap and started shaking, and tucked her tail between her legs and wouldn't jump down or run anymore.  Her condition rapidly declined and she was not using her right back leg, and soon neither of the back legs.   She couldn't sit up to save her life.  She would fall down and couldn't get up.

Friday morning after taking her to the vet and spending over $200.00 we found out she had a ruptured disc in the center of her spine which affected her legs, bladder and bowels.
Immediately, I gave her…

The Best Oil Anywhere?

Why do we say -- and how do we KNOW -- that Bocannaco oil is the best oil in the marketplace?
This video has all the answers:



6 pm Pacific time   Monday night  May 14, 2018

Dial (515) 739-1030     Access Code 319-289-214#

Join us for Bocannaco information, updates and 'the latest'!

Guests welcome.


NOTE:  Bay Area Bocannaco Event Saturday, May 19, 2018

Noon - 3

Exact Location details shortly:  Bocannaco Founders Bonus Pool Members and Leadership Marlyn Ano and Cora Mandapat, Facilitators

Guests Mike & Barb Lammons 



Bocannaco Leadership Takes Off!

GREAT FIRST BOCANNACO MEETING anywhere!  Yesterday, Elk Grove, CA -- interested people from various parts of Northern (and Southern) California showed up for an afternoon of getting to know each other as well as getting to know all about Bocannaco, both as to product and as to what's-in-it-for-me.

Attendees included several Founders and several Future Founders and Distributors -- and the Leadership is emerging!

John and Alanna Lambeth and Bob and Arissa Williams (and Cricket) represented Northern California -- as far north as Redding and Susanville.  Marlyn Ano, Cora Mandapat, Randy Orloff and team vanned down from the Bay Area to meet up with Andex Laygo, Erlinda Daco and Erlinda Luistro from Elk Grove area.


John Lambeth describing his intro to Bocannaco oil:

Warren Pannette's story:

More tomorrow!