Saturday, October 12, 2019

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Apple Bobbing, Anyone?

Be watching for the FALL "Kickoff into 2020" details shortly!


The upcoming contest will get your residual in gear and will help everyone get qualified for their SEVENTH-LEVEL RESIDUAL income!

And get paid to do it:)

Which is the name of the game around here:  Healthy People. Healthy Profits.  Healthy Difference!


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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Questions?  Answers!

A few people have inquired about our history online -- and we see that it can be confusing, so here is a brief timeline in case you are interested.

We have been in several network companies over the past two plus decades.  About 5 or so years ago John Daniels invited us to be part of Digital World, an mlm with a view toward merchant card processing. 

After that company was rolling along, Barb, who had been previously diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, was sent a Prime My Body bottle of CBD oil from a friend.   That was our introduction to the world of cannabidiol and hemp.  The product helped at first but was quite expensive for just 30 mg CBD per 30 day supply so Barb began trying other brands online.  

In the meantime, John Daniels approached Folium re. their credit card processing.  They stated that they deal in cash only but they referred John to Dr. Lawrence in California.  And of course, you know the story of us meeting Doc and trying his 500 mg. oil and the difference it made to Barb and several others.

And there you have the 'broken road' story that lead us straight here!  A series of bump-into's that no one planned but we're sure glad they happened.  Because there is no oil better than our oil:)

If you run across a photo of us regarding Prime My Body, that's ancient history.  
 Digital World, Excel Communications, Ultimate Match -- almost 30 years in nwm means there is probably a trail of old photos of us along the way.  That's part of the history:  and now you know!

Apple Bobbing, Anyone? Be watching for the FALL "Kickoff into 2020" details shortly! ************* The upcomi...