Wednesday, November 6, 2019

More from the "It's the Product" Department:

Last night at the weekly Fresno meeting heard an incredible testimony about the oil from Louie Calles... Louie shared from the front of the room about the changes in his health and life that he can track since Gilbert Sanchez shared the oil with him about a year ago.  Hope to get him on video next week!

Then afterwards, heard personally from two lovely ladies, Samone and Julie, who are young and look beautifully healthy, yet their stories of what their physical problems are and how Bocannaco helps them are amazing.

Then, here are a couple from Facebook:

Lois Hanna is 
OMG! I am sooo Excited!!! I went to my 2 week check up for my knee replacement and the doctor was very happy and surprised at what I can do...usually when I have surgery...I am a very ssslllooowww....healer. The doctor was really worried because I have had 2 previous surgeries on my knee and this time...HE SAID I AM DOING FANTASTIC!!! THE ONLY THING I HAVE DONE DIFFERENT IS TAKE CBD OIL!!!


Donna Alija
Donna Alija
Checked in with my hospital admin guy and his wife. Husband using 1000 mg since last week of August and wife 4 weeks. As of last week, he's off his meds that he had been taking every day for several years. And, his wife is now off all her muscle relaxers she had been taking for severe back pain.💖🎉🎉🎉 

Monday, November 4, 2019

Some good biz news here:

September 26, 2019
The Direct Selling Association (DSA) applauds California Governor Gavin Newsom for signing Assembly Bill 5, which includes an exemption for direct sellers. Without the exemption, the bill would have created an uncertain framework for more than 2.2 million Californians involved in direct selling. 
“We want to thank Assemblywoman Gonzalez and interested stakeholders for working with DSA and including exemption language,” said DSA President Joseph N. Mariano. “This language will allow the direct selling industry to continue thriving in California and independent salespeople to continue having the freedom and flexibility to operate their businesses. We want to thank all our member companies who engaged with elected officials in California to express the importance of the business.” 
The language in the bill incorporates state Unemployment Insurance Code Section 650, which has classified direct sellers as independent contractors for over 20 years. DSA hopes as state and federal elected officials consider similar bills to include similar language that direct sellers are clearly and specifically independent contractors. 

More good news:
Thursday, September 19, 2019

NIH to investigate minor cannabinoids and terpenes for potential pain-relieving properties

Despite a lack of robust evidence, cannabinoids — such as CBD — are often assumed to be safe and effective in managing pain and used for such purposes in real-world settings. Now, nine new research awards totaling approximately $3 million will investigate the potential pain-relieving properties and mechanisms of actions of the diverse phytochemicals in cannabis, including both minor cannabinoids and terpenes. These awards, funded by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), will strengthen the evidence regarding cannabis components and whether they have potential roles in pain management.
“The treatment of chronic pain has relied heavily on opioids, despite their potential for addiction and overdose and the fact that they often don’t work well when used on a long-term basis,” said Helene Langevin, M.D., director of NCCIH. “There’s an urgent need for more effective and safer options.”
Minor cannabinoids (those other than THC, the high-inducing component of marijuana) and certain terpenes found in the cannabis plant may have analgesic properties, but there has been little research on these substances to understand their effects and underlying mechanisms. The cannabis plant contains more than 110 cannabinoids and 120 terpenes, but the only compound that’s been studied extensively is THC.
“THC may help relieve pain, but its value as an analgesic is limited by its psychoactive effects and abuse potential,” said David Shurtleff, Ph.D., deputy director of NCCIH. “These new projects will investigate substances from cannabis that don’t have THC’s disadvantages, looking at their basic biological activity and their potential mechanisms of action as pain relievers.”
Natural products, including cannabinoids, have shown promise for potential use as nonopioid analgesics; however, we need to know more about whether they work, what they do in the body, and how they might be integrated into multidisciplinary pain management.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

When do we get paid?

Greetings, citizens of the green tundra of direct marketing/home-based/affiliate/mlm marketing!

The best thing about this business is the people:  that is also the worst thing about this business.  

But that's true of everything you do in life isn't it?  

You can't please everyone.

But, really, some people .....

For example, on our private group chat on Facebook appeared a message from a woman this morning, "When do we get paid?"

Well, a little research  on this person going back to January, 2019, revealed that for every month and week, she had done literally nothing.  No orders.  No team members. Zeros across the boards. 

So, to answer her question "When do we get paid?"
We say  "When you DO something that Bocannaco can pay you for."

Really, you have to wonder why this person is a distributor in the first place. And in the second place, why did they join the Facebook group of people who are doing something?

But, on the flip side, there is no point in dwelling on this person because thankfully there are so many incredibly wonderful people who are meaningful parts of the Bocannaco family!

And it is these people that are the best thing about this kind of business:  our hemp hat is off to you today and please know that you are valued highly!  Thanks and hugs for being you!

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More from the "It's the Product" Department: Last night at the weekly Fresno meeting heard an incredible testimony about the...