Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Push to the next level in 2019!  

Set yourself on fire and people will come to watch you burn.

Here's a video that's worth another look:

Monday, January 14, 2019

It was SO fine!

Tucson was a complete BLAST! 

In case you are anti-Facebook -- where there are a zillion posts from Bocannaco peeps -- a few items are below so you can get the gist of what went on:

Who said karaoke?!

Shadrock stands alone!

Cora with precious guests!

Mike welcoming all to the karaoke floor first night!

Great crowd:  nearly HALF were GUESTS!

Marlyn, Eli, Cora: the Triumvirate!

Mike, Barb, Bonnie, Doc, Macy, Gail!

Sweet Sharon with Cora

Doc and Dee

Bonnie throws a great party -- with DJ

More guests:  guests EVERYWHERE!

Ray and Dee -- both great singers!  And Distributors!


For Phil's incredible video, click here.


Tonight, Mesa and Torrance Bocannaco events.

Tuesday night:

Tuesday at Round Table Pizza, 4885 Granite Drive, Rocklin, 7:00pm! Bring your friends, family, neighbors and everyone else!  Rene Mohr  (California)

Tuesday Sedona:

Tuesday in Fresno, CA:

🌿 Come join us Tuesday, January 15th 7:00-7:45 and help educate people about Bocannaco and the amazing business opportunity and products we have.
🌿 8054 N. Cedar Ave. Fresno, CA. 93720.🌿see you there Bocannaco family!

February 8, 9, 2019   Mike Lammons in Indiana with Host Catherine Wong, DDS and Team!
March 8, 9, 2019    Mike & Barb and The Team in Arizona with Host Bonnie Keller, RN.
April, 2019       Mike & Barb and The Team in Denver, CO with Hosts Ron, Ben, Mason, ++ and Bonnie!   Details to come!
July, 2019    The Family Trip to the Farm!   This will be a huge trip for the 50 Top Revenue Generator - Winners!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Tomorrow, off to BIG event with BOCANNACO in TUCSON!

Hope you're going to be there -- if not, we'll try to fill you in on all the Fun, inFo, and Forecasts!

Fresno first event of 2019 last night! 


For the recording of Monday Night Bocannaco Phone Call with Tucson Hostess Bonnie Keller and a Bunch of other 'Boccies', click here.



A groundbreaking study has documented the superior therapeutic properties of whole plant CBD-rich cannabis extract as compared to single-molecule CBD.
Efficiency of whole plant CBD vs. single compound CBD
Photo by Project CBD
groundbreaking study from Israel has documented the superior therapeutic properties of whole plant CBD-rich cannabis extract as compared to single-molecule cannabidiol (CBD).
Published in the journal Pharmacology &Pharmacy (Feb. 2015), the article directly challenges one of the sacred cows of Big Pharma and the medical-industrial complex—the notion that “crude” botanical preparations are inherently low grade and less effective than pure, single-molecule compounds.
Entitled “Overcoming the Bell-Shaped Dose-Response of Cannabidiol by Using Cannabis Extract Enriched in Cannabidiol,” the article is all the more noteworthy given the contribution of co-author Lumir Hanus, who was instrumental in the discovery of anandamide, the endogenous cannabinoid compound first identified in the mammalian brain in 1992.
Hanus and two Israeli colleagues from Hebrew University of Jerusalem surveyed the scientific literature and noted that during the past fifteen years numerous preclinical studies had focused on the anti-inflammatory effects of pure, single-molecule CBD in animal models of various pathologies, including rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes. (See preclinical data regarding CBD.)
These studies showed that administration of pure, single-molecule CBD resulted in a bell-shaped dose-response curve, meaning that when the amount of CBD exceeded a certain point its therapeutic impact declined dramatically. “Healing was only observed when CBD was given within a very limited dose range, whereas no beneficial effect was achieved at either lower or higher doses,” the authors observed. This characteristic of single-molecule CBD—manifested as a bell-shaped dose response—imposes serious obstacles that limit its usefulness in a clinical context.
The Israeli team sought to determine whether the administration of a whole plant CBD-rich extract would also generate a bell-shaped dose-response curve when administered to mice. Or would cannabidiol extracted from CBD-rich Cannabis avoid this liability? “The aim of the present study,” the authors explained, “was to find a CBD source that could eliminate the bell-shaped dose-response of purified CBD.”

The key finding that CBD in the presence of other Cannabis components improves the dose-response is supported by recent reports documenting the anti-proliferative effect of cannabidiol on tumor cells and the inhibitory effect of CBD on bladder contractility.

(For complete article, click here.)

Monday, January 7, 2019

Git along, little dogie....

Don't be stubborn...and wander around alone;  get where you're going faster with the group!  Find or start one today!


From Bonnie Keller:

KNOW what's in your product!! News magazine just reported 70-79% of CBD products in the USA are mislabeled. No one needs THC. Any amount can show up on a drug screen. Grateful our Doc insists on QR codes on every product linking to 2 EXTENSIVE independent lab reports with matching lot #s & tests for over 70 pesticides & over 20 common residual solvents & chemicals down to parts per million!! 🤗
No photo description available.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Odds n Ends, from Here n There:

"For those of you who have potential customers who are afraid to fail a drug test, I’ve been using twice a day every day for the past several months. I don’t miss a day. I just passed a pre-employment drug screen. Zero does in fact mean Zero."  George Burke

"I've been using CBD oil for almost a month now and I can finally say that it has helped relieve the joint pain in my left hand almost completely and my right hand has significantly improved. I will not go a day without this CBD "gold". Thank you!"   Susan  Gallai


Thursday, January 3, 2019

Lots of Tipping Points!

Primer for getting something started:  lessons from Shirtless Dancing Man -- still the best!  Let's start 2019 off with the profound truth of the Importance of First Followers!
Primer for building a non-stoppable Bocannaco biz:

1.  Share the product with people is Founder Cora Mandapat (r) helping friend and now-Distributor Marilyn Ortiz get her Bocannaco business online. 

 2.  Help your Team... here we see Founder Cora again, this time sharing with new Distributor's friend, Alice, try the oil and get her online business going!

 3. Help your team's team.... here is Cora again, joined by teammate and Founder StClair Jones, with his new teammate, about whom Cora shares: "St Clair's client Siegrid Topper and husband Bob loves the Bocannaco CBD oil so much and decided she may as well be a distributor! Welcome Siegrid. Passion, purpose and love drives us"

4.  Help your team!  Below is Founder and Steering Committee Chairman Randy Orloff, using his cell phone hooked up to a  tv monitor to share all the great info about Bocannaco~ 

P.S.  Siegrid ordered Bocannaco  oil from seeing StClair's magnet-ad on his truck!

Push to the next level in 2019!   Set yourself on fire and people will come to watch you burn. Here's a video that's worth anoth...