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Is CBD -- cannabidiol -- good for you?

From the "What's Up In the Bocannaco Universe?" File:

Good morning Mike & Barb Another good testimonial from a good friend Wendy (Kim Kardashian’s Baby Nurse): 

I have been suffering from chronic pain for more than 10 years ( approx 13years +) Only my family & very close friends knew that I have back pain issues but only God knows how much pain I was going through.. I tried physical therapy, chiropractor, acupuncture, yoga anything you can think of.. I’m a positive person with a VERY VERY high tolerance to pain... my body got used to it that when pain is on level 6 to me it’s tolerable, though in a split second my pain could go up to 10. I was literally living my life everyday with pain, I work with pain, I never complain I just take it to myself but how much more longer can my body take it ?

 I have excruciating pain on my neck to my head & face every time when I lay down to sleep one day a doctor told me there’s nothing he can do because I can’t take any anti inflammatory medications, I hate taking all the  prescription pills they give me, it doesn’t address my problem it’s just make me nauseous, cause me to vomit and get groggy plus i can’t drive!

It’s just so frustrating to a point where even my heart was so exhausted & hurting lately but Thank God for my faith, I know that my God is bigger than my pain... that one day I will be healed and yes God is faithful to His words!

.... after almost one month of taking the CBD oil I can finally say I’m PAIN FREE  

I now sleep good, I can lay down and sit  comfortably -- I can pick and hold heavy things -- I’m totally pain free! I can now officially say that CBD is Real ! A game  changer...it was “Heaven Sent ” to me, it’s my miracle oil,  it really works like magic! At my age My blood work is perfect.  I had no health issues except my back pain or chronic pain but now all pains are gone.

 I promise myself that if CBD really helped me I will for sure be an advocate of it; we all have different issues in our body, CBD is supposed to bring BALANCE in your body. Friends you have got to try this CBD oil, trust me it’s the BEST! Don’t waste your time and money taking all those prescription medications for pain, it will not help you but makes you worst in the long run.

 I know there’s a lot of CBD oil in the market but I recommend #Bocannaco it has zero THC 1000mg CBD Organic and Non GMO Thank you my dear friend Eli Moesser for introducing me to CBD oil I’m so thankful to you & Phil Moesser and to our scientist behind Bocannaco CBD Dr Robert Lawrence Godspeed ️-- Wendy



We are one step closer to permanent legalization of hemp.
Today, members of the House/Senate conference committee took time to sign off formally on the report which includes all of the hemp provisions from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Hemp Farming Act.  We expect the conference report to be filed in the House and Senate tomorrow (Tuesday), and after a few days of floor discussion and debate, we expect full passage by the end of the week.

Hello Bocannaco  Team, Holiday Rush is Here!!️. Do you want to be part of the
Green Rush?  Timing is everything!!
Know folks that may have pain, stress, diabetes, arthritis, depression anxiety and
other health issues? Relief is HERE!!

Torrance Bocannaco Presentation on Tuesday, 12/11/18 @ 6:30pm
Presentation starts @ 7:00pm
2720 Monterey St #402 Torrance CA 90503
See you all & bring a friend -- Phil and Eli


Health Talk Hosted by Cathy Wong




Holiday Inn Express
7115 N. Howard Street, Fresno, CA 93720 
(N of Herndon; E of 41)

Starts 7pm



Cora Mandapat sends a Big Welcome to the Tonggan community!  As she states:  
"I will be connecting with these beautiful charismatic folks through a wonderful leader who has come on board.  Be looking to hear great things from them!"

By the way, Cora -- love the tee shirt!


Best quote we've seen this week:

Is CBD -- cannabidiol -- good for you?

Well, your body has an endocannabinoid system -- not an ibuprofen or drugs-and-chemicals system!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

The 12 Days of Bocannaco Christmas

Siegrid T. and husband Bob felt the Bocannaco relief after years of suffering all kinds of pains that come with age, including dementia! 

Testimonials coming your way from Founder/Distributor Cora Mandapat, stay tuned.



HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS, Howard Street near Riverpark, Fresno

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For a MOST INCREDIBLE Merry Bocannaco treat, view able Conductor Raymond Kosinski's direction of "THE 12 DAYS OF BOCANNACO" performed by the Star-studded Chorale by clicking here!

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CBD is the latest product taking the United States by storm, and chances are you’ve probably already heard about the hemp-derived chemical compound by now.
The CBD market has grown so much that it has drawn in everyone from U.S. senators to multi-billion-dollar companies – and the veteran community, where it already has a huge following of vets who use the product to help with PTSD.
Even Coca-Cola, the world’s largest soda company, released a statement earlier this year saying it is closely watching the growth of CBD “as an ingredient in functional wellness beverages around the world,” leading to speculation of a future CBD-infused drink.

The CBD market is expected to grow to $22 billion by 2022 – an astronomical growth compared to its expected $591 million this year.
Many people already swear by CBD’s pain-relieving, anxiety-relieving properties, delivered without a “high” or any psychoactive effects on body functions. There are veterans who say it has helped them deal with anxiety and PTSD more than anything they can get prescribed by the VA or a doctor.

The CBD market is growing at an unprecedented rate, and Congress is on the cusp of sending legislation to President Donald Trump’s desk that would, among other things, legalize commercial hemp production and hemp products on a federal level.
CBD is derived from hemp plants, but commercial hemp and hemp products are not currently legal on a federal level in the United States. But that hasn’t stopped the market’s meteoric rise due to federal agencies looking the other way.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky – where hemp farming has roots dating back to pioneer times – has been the hardest driving force to legalize hemp and hemp products for the past several years.
McConnell told American Military News, “For far too long, the federal government has prevented most farmers from growing hemp. I have heard from many Kentucky farmers who agree it’s time to remove the federal hurdles in place and give our state the opportunity to seize its full potential and once again become the national leader for hemp production. That’s why I was proud to introduce legislation in the Senate to finally and fully legalize industrial hemp.”

McConnell sponsored a bill called the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 that would legalize and remove hemp from the federal list of controlled substances in the U.S. T 
“By legalizing hemp and helping farmers, we can continue to see growth in new and innovative products made with Kentucky-grown hemp across our state and the nation. This is our chance to continue to help our agricultural economy and put more Kentucky-made products on the market. Kentucky’s farmers are some of the best in the world, and this legislation will give them the option to enjoy the full benefits of this versatile crop with a long and rich history in our Commonwealth,” McConnell added.

What is CBD
CBD, or cannabidiol, was discovered in 1940, and it is one of the naturally occurring cannabinoids found in hemp plants. CBD products such as oils, candies, topical lotions and sprays have increasingly popped up in the marketplace and are methods by which CBD can be ingested or absorbed by the body.
Unlike marijuana products, CBD does not give a “high” or intoxicating effect such as that caused by THC, a psychoactive cannabinoid. There’s also a big difference between CBD and medical marijuana, which has varying degrees of psychotropic effects that affect executive functions.
CBD is known to have non-psychoactive effects, and it is said to help relieve pain, reduce anxiety and depression, relieve cancer-related symptoms, reduce acne and could help heart health, among other things.

Veterans’ Experience
We spoke with several veterans who have experience using CBD oil, specifically to treat PTSD.
U.S. Army veteran Mike Stedman said he was taking anti-depressant and anti-anxiety pills for PTSD after he got out of military in March 2017.
A friend recommended CBD oil to him, so he tried it.
“I tried and it said ‘wow, it’s actually really good,'” Stedman, 24, recently told American Military News.
He has been taking it for about a year and six months, Stedman said, and he orders it online.
“When I wasn’t taking it, I had really bad anxiety and was constantly on the alert. I’d go out to public places and it was too much,” Stedman explained.
“I started taking it, and everything calmed down. I’m more tolerable in public places. I love flying again. I used to hate being in planes with other people,” he said.
“The good thing about CBD is, it doesn’t get you high or anything. ...
Plus, you don’t get addicted to CBD oil, he pointed out.
“I think it would be a really good opportunity for veterans,” Stedman said. “I think [having easier access to CBD oil] would have a really great impact, especially with easing the tensions with the VA. It would be easier to get. What if they can’t get pills or medicine they’re prescribed at the time? They can just get CBD as an alternative.”
U.S. Army veteran Tom Coffe initially started using CBD oil as part of a clinical trial, and it has made a big difference in his everyday life and dealing with PTSD.
“It just makes your day better. It takes all that bullsh*t that clutters up your brain and it compartmentalizes it for you,” Coffe recently told American Military News.“It’s not a cure-all. It’s not magic, it’s not going to make you go from being a lunatic to … normal. But it does help. It helps quell the need for urgency, the desire for chaos, the ridiculousness at all times,” he explained.
Coffe, 37, started taking CBD to help with PTSD after serving in the Army for nearly six years.
“The VA wants to shove pills down your throat. You go in and talk to them for 15 minutes, and you get three different types of medicines that alter your brain functions and have bad side effects. CBD doesn’t do that,” he pointed out.
“I think it would help a lot of vets. There’s a lot of guys out there who are trying to make things work in their life. I think CBD oil is a step in the right direction,” Coffe said.
While he doesn’t know if it will ever be completely accepted in the mainstream, it’s important that other veterans might have access to it more easily than they do now. Plus, hopefully the stigma associated with using CBD could be combated.
“There are people who are addicted to pain killers like oxycontin, but they’re not ‘drug addicts’ because they got it from a doctor,” Coffe pointed out while explaining how people who use CBD are often mislabeled as “hippy potheads.”
“It’d be nice if it became a mainstream thing,” he added.
Natalie Anne Bilski, 32, is a disabled combat veteran who has PTSD. She served in the U.S. Navy for six years, including three deployments, and was honorably discharged in 2011.
She looked into CBD after being prescribed other medications that had ill side effects. She decided to start with a CBD-infused drink.
“You don’t feel anything, no magical change in attitude or internal feelings – at first,” Bilski recently told American Military News. “The changes are more noticed as after thoughts or random in the moments where you question why you’re suddenly feeling so good.”
“I think it took me a couple days before I noticed,” she continued. “I noticeably felt less pain in my joints and was able to get up and move around a lot more, not to mention the increased amount of energy I had, as well as motivation to do things.”
“I was also very noticeably happy, almost silly like my old self before my military service,” she pointed out. “This was a huge change for me, because PTSD has plagued me with deep anger, anxiety and paranoia issues, as well as pain throughout my entire body.”
“From my experience and in discussion with many of my disabled veteran friends, we truly believe this is a safe and healthy method for treatment for a multitude of ailments we face following our military service,” Bilski added.

Farm Bill Progress
At a Farm Bill Conference Committee meeting in September, McConnell expressed eagerness to get his bill passed.
“I’m proud that the Senate passed our version with overwhelmingly bipartisan support (86-11). I hope we’ll continue in good-faith cooperation and send a bipartisan, bicameral bill to the President’s desk that he’ll sign before our deadline at the end of this month,” he said.
The bill has not yet been passed in the House, but there is anticipation that the bill might be passed before Congress breaks for recess mid-December.
“This legislation will fulfill our core responsibilities to America’s producers. It will also make new investments in rural communities, such as expanding broadband access and providing ongoing support in the fight against opioid abuse and substance addiction. And it will empower producers to fully explore growing markets – both here at home and around the world,” McConnell has said.
“It’s no secret I’m particularly excited about the parts of the Senate-passed bill that concern industrial hemp,” he pointed out. “I believe that industrial hemp deserves a comeback, and I think the confusion with its more controversial cousin has largely been eliminated […].”
“American consumers have been buying hemp products for decades. The crop’s proven its usefulness. It’s past time that we build on the work we began with the pilot program in the 2014 Farm Bill and unleash farmers in Kentucky and across the country to grow it right here at home – with proper oversight – so they can capitalize on this multi-billion dollar market,” McConnell added.

If the 2018 Farm Bill passes, CBD will be legal across the United States and the treatment landscape for veterans will likely dramatically change.

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The Moral of the Story

From the Event Schedule in your Resources:Documents Section



In case you missed it, this from Doc:

"Although I do not have the power to remove fear from anyone, I am very familiar with the DOT*. The rumors are insane out there. Here is a link for what they really test for. WE DO NOT HAVE THC IN OUR PRODUCT!!!   Doctors and nurses as well as hundreds of professionals who get tested have no problems with Bocannaco.

*Dept. of Transportation


Thought for the Day:

Some people never learn, it seems.  They get into a home- based business and, although they never make any money to speak of, and they don't care for or use the product or service, still they keep hanging on year after year, hoping against hope that sooner or later their ship with this particular line will come in.

Kind of reminds us of this story:

Jack, a handsome man, walked into a sports bar around 9:58 pm. He sat down next to the blonde at the bar and stared up at the TV as the 10:00 news came on. The news crew was covering a story of a man on the ledge of a large building preparing to jump. 
The blonde looked at Jack and said, "Do you think he'll jump?"
Jack says, "You know what, I bet he will." The blonde replied, "Well, I bet he won't."
Jack placed $30 on the bar and said, "You're on!" 
Just as the blonde placed her money on the bar, the guy did a swan dive off of the building, falling to his death. The blonde was very upset and handed her $30 to Jack, saying, "Fair's fair... Here's your money." 
Jack replied, "I can't take your money, I saw this earlier on the 5 o'clock news and knew he would jump." 
The blonde replied, "I did too; but I didn't think he'd do it again."

We leave you to decide what the moral of this story is.  If you have a great Moral of this Story, please send it in for posting!  By comment below or to barblammons@gmail.com.

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Barb, Mike, Doc, Ray arriving!
Host Don Nicholes and Sandy, Dani Johnson and Dr. Lawrence
Doc meeting some early attendees Friday night
We don't want to miss a word!
The Blair Bells, Sandy Taylor, Mike, Don, Doc and me
Donna Thurman won the BIG basket, flanked by Host Marcie High and Team!
Waiting on shuttle..

Great hosts Don and Marcie!

Special Guest Cricket Williams, brought by Bob

Guest became Distributor Anne Sherman, with upline Bob Williams and Dad Sherman

Dinner at Salty's, Sandy and Cora Mandapat

Thanks to the OR/WA Bocannaco Team headed by Don Nicholes  and Marcie High for an AWESOME event!  Wish you could have heard EVERY single person who shared -- there were some fantastic stories.  Will try to have some here tomorrow.

Right now it is probably enough to tell you that I am on Day 2 of being TOTALLY off my Parkinson's meds and on Doc's oil and special concoction.  It's tough but I feel 1000% better OFF the drugs so...pray for this guinea pig, please!


Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Treats from Marcie for Portland Event!

The Team of Nicholes/High in WA/OR are pulling out all the stops to ensure that the Saturday Bocannaco Launch Event in Portland is a great success for all in attendance, Distributors and Guests alike! 

We are SO looking forward to it!


Fresno event last night held some great Bocannaco stories:

Founder Kathleen Pannett shared a text
 from a young woman who had suffered for years from depression which had recently turned to suicidal thoughts.  She bought a bottle of Bocannaco oil at the Turley's booth in Pismo Beach and after beginning use her depression lifted!  She wanted 2 more bottles to be sure she wouldn't run out!  Kathleen read the text as forwarded to her by Margie Turley, and Margie had responded to the young woman: "You are the reason I am doing this business."

Founder Stan Houseworth shared with the crowd a couple of texts he had just received from people he had shared the oil with and who had positive and exciting responses:  it is wonderful to be able to offer relief to friends or associates who are suffering.


People wonder what my introduction to CBD, or hemp, oil was.  I happened to check the website where I purchased from and was shocked to see what I was paying per bottle: (name x'd out by me)



xxmm utilizes a unique xxmm delivery system, xxmm. Our product is a Dietary Supplement and contains hemp extract derived from the stalks and stems of the mature industrial hemp plant, which delivers healthful benefits,xxmm. 1.7 fl oz bottle
$130.00 plus taxes, shipping,handling
And how much CBD  was I getting for my $150?  Check this label:


I point this out so you can understand why I often share that the minute I tried Dr. Lawrence's CBD oil I felt a dramatic difference.  You might be wondering how there could be such a difference.

 Well, it's because there's a BIG difference between 1,000 mg. and 24 mg.!  And between the WHOLE plant and 'stems and stalks'!  Not to mention a whole host of other differences!

When Bocannaco claims to be the world's best hemp oil, it's a claim that we -- and you -- can confidently stand behind.

The evidence is clear.  The testimonies are everywhere.  Share Loud and Proud!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018



Hey guys notice anything???


To listen to last night's awesome call with Don Nicholes and Marcie High, Founders/Distributors, click here.


Ya'll come!!

and then...

Your Hosts  Don Nicholes, Marcie High and 
Special Guests  Dr. Lawrence, The Lammons, Bonnie Keller, Debbie Arledge, Ray Kosinski and More!

Holiday Inn Portland Airport
8439 NE Columbia Blvd
Portland, OR 97220

Registration 8:00 AM

9:00 AM - 2:00 PM PST


Your Hosts  Adrian Izard, Steven Young
Special Guest  Joseph Gaefke

Sedona Community Center   Tudor Room
2615 Melody Lane
Sedona, AZ 86336
Corner: Melody Ln & Harmony Dr

Start 6:15 PM MST

Questions 7:15 PM MST


And remember  Monday, December 3, 2018

Host Ralph Corona and 
Special Guests Mike Lammons, Warren Pannett, and Jeff

Comfort Inn
10 N Irwin St
Hanford, CA 93230

7:00 PM PST


Is CBD -- cannabidiol -- good for you?

From the "What's Up In the Bocannaco Universe?" File: Good morning Mike & Barb  Another good testimonial from a good f...