Thursday, August 15, 2019

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It has been a telling 3 months on several levels -- on Bocannaco's power to market its incredible products massively through a very small distribution channel, first of all.

Also, we have learned how unsteady and contested are the political grounds on which the hemp battles are now aligned.

LESSON:  You distributors are 'wicked good' at communicating the facts of the company and we have utmost faith in your ability to keep the brand growing --- Bocannaco Botanicals help people!!

Dr. Lawrence will be the Very Special Guest on Monday Night's Bocannaco Call to bring you all into a state of TERPENE READINESS!

Get your rap down with us Monday !!!

For some terpene info in the meantime, read here.

From Forbes:  

CBD May Be All The Rage, But Cannabis Terpenes Are About To Hit Big

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

From the President, via text:

In our 27+ years of MLM-  traditionally nothing good ever happens in June or July--- until 2019. 

June 2019 was our biggest product sales month and July 2019 our third biggest. 

NOT recruiting- just product sales. 

Biz Week 8-5-19. Article about Natura- Brazil Cosmetics company- among the Top Ten MLM's World Wide. 

They just bought Avon for  $2 BILLION. 

It took Natura TEN YEARS TO RECRUIT 2,000 Consultants. 

Bocannaco got 3,000 Distributors in 11 months!!

They bought Avon, which had been losing money for the past two years...Avon was down to $5 Billion last year...

Article here:


We are off to Tejas this week and will be meeting some nice Bocannaco people in Flower Mound...will post venue here shortly.  Hope to see you there!


Lots of buzz from the Monday Night Call with Special Guests Don Nicholes, Marcie High and Frank and Julie Berge.  They are at their booth at the Clarke County Fair and shared tips, experiences, and ideas.  Listen here

Many thanks for sharing, guys!


Friday, August 2, 2019

It's Happening Now!

Clark County Fair, Washington.....12 days non-stop sharing....TeamWork Makes the DreamWork!

Don Nicholes, Marcie High, Frank and Julie Berge, Sandy Taylor and the Incredible Crew

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

No Regrets!

Welcome, New Distributors!

You have picked a great time to get your Bocannaco career started! 

Traditional network marketing wisdom says that nothing good happens in a month that starts with 'J', yet here we are with another banner month -- many new Distributors starting their businesses and many bottles of product ordered out to help ease the suffering of friends and associates and, often, strangers.

 The launch of Excalibur means one more product in the stellar Bocannaco line-up..... and if Excalibur is launching, can the weight loss genie be far behind?!!


By the way, hope you had a chance to listen to the latest audio upload in your back office.  It is a good 'un (like all of the ones that feature Bocannaco's outstanding guests).

However, in my own defense I would like to say that in my nwm career which spans 3 decades full-time and more than that just putzing around, we have been blessed with some great products that added value to our lives ... most  of which we still purchase  today  (except for the powdered milk).  That's how we learned about hyaluronic acid, moringa, greens, and a whole list of products that we now get at Costco but were introduced to in the early days by  direct marketing.

The amazing path that led us to Bocannaco and hemp may be very similar to yours:  a winding, exciting, always-informative walk through nature's incredible plants where we found not only our own best selves, but a bounty of good things to enhance the lives of others.


Looking back, there are things we regret in our business lives, but our experiences in network marketing are not among them!  Here's hoping that you, new Distributor, will feel the  same some day long in your future!

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Sunday, July 28, 2019

It's time to launch a NEW excellent product in the Bocannaco product line and this time it is the Excalibur top-shelf oil!  It was not on the original product list but when you are dealing with a creative, involved formula-writing scientist, MAGIC HAPPENS!

Dr. Lawrence's interaction with several Bocannaco Distributors and officers who suffer with ongoing neurological difficulties inspired the Excalibur oil.  It not only is 1500 mg. but those 1500 mg. are driven by a booster-rocket of terpenes that are harvested and selected for specific roles in fighting those symptoms.  

Excalibur is not a one-size-fits-all entry, but for the peoiple that it does fit -- it is an incredible help!

As with all Bocannaco products, the proof is in the trying of it and the current "Lura's Christmas in July Special" means this is the perfect time to get acquainted with what this creation can do!


How does it help someone?  

My own experience -- as a Parkinson's Disease sufferer -- is that it is a step up in lessening of symptoms.  Walking and gait are getting more natural.  Handwriting is really improving!  Sense of smell is returning.  Is it the cannabidiol?  Is it the terpenes?  This Parkie has no idea.... and that knowledge isn't required!  I just pump and play, every day!

Mind you, these improvements are not full-time but they are incredibly encouraging breakthroughs in a diagnosis that allows for no regression of disease and no amelioration of symptoms over time --- so any and all returns of normality are HUGELY encouraging!


Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Why Aren’t Doctors Prescribing ___________ If It’s So Therapeutic?

Do you know there's something 'up' with the degree to which ordinary people have to go to try plant/botanical remedies that clearly help many maladies that plague us today, but you just don't understand exactly what the problem is?  The following article is written about turmeric, but you can just insert 'CBD' or 'hemp' wherever it says turmeric -- the shoe fits!
Worth a read, more than once.  Best article we've found to explain the quandry modern pharmacology is in today.  For the entire article, click here.
There are more than 2,700 studies on the GreenMedInfo database demonstrating the power of turmeric to heal, but this time-tested, safe, and affordable healing substance still hasn’t received FDA approval to “prevent, treat, or cure” disease, despite the fact that it is capable of doing exactly that.
One of the greatest triumphs of biomedical science today is its role in validating ancient healing modalities that long before the advent of science, and even recorded history itself, were passed down from generation to generation in the vast body of folkloric medical knowledge that still forms the basis for the majority of the world’s primary health care system.
These so-called “natural” or “alternative” modalities, which our species owes its present-day survival to after eons of dependency on them, are increasingly gaining the attention of men and women in white lab coats intent on unlocking the mysteries of how they work, and in many cases, why they work better than patented, synthetic, chemical-based medications. No better example of this today exists than turmeric.

Research Validates Turmeric’s Healing Efficacy

There is an immense body of research that substantiates that turmeric can prevent and treat disease.
Over the course of the past seven years, we have indexed more than 2,700 studies investigating the health benefits of turmeric (or its components) in disease prevention and treatment, discovering an astounding 800-plus different diseases that it may be of value in ameliorating.
The research continues to pile up, with a newly published study added to Medline every few days. As of the writing of this article, there are more than 9,000 published studies on the topic. In fact, our database on turmeric has grown so large that it takes an entire server just to load the data for professional members performing dynamic filtering by study type, date, etc.
Our regular followers know we report extensively on the evidence indicating that turmeric, and particularly the golden-hued polyphenol known as curcumin it contains, is superior to a wide range of pharmaceuticals both in safety and effectiveness. 
Considering the sheer density of data available today to support the health-promoting effects of this safe and time-tested culinary ingredient, you would think the government would allow its use to “prevent, treat, or cure disease”—the technical criteria for something to be defined as a legitimate “drug” by the FDA. Indeed, the FDA mission statement includes the following objective:
“FDA is also responsible for advancing the public health by helping to speed innovations that make medicines more effective, safer, and more affordable and by helping the public get the accurate, science-based information they need to use medicines and foods to maintain and improve their health.”
When something so safe, so affordable, so thoroughly time-tested across a multitude of cultures, has so much evidence behind it demonstrating its ability to alleviate suffering, isn’t it highly unethical not to use it, especially in cases where conventional treatments fail?
Sadly, the FDA requires prohibitively expensive clinical trials to be conducted in order to grant the legal right for the populace to be treated by medicinal substances of any kind. In fact, the average FDA-approved drug on the market today required between 4 to 11 billion dollars in capital to be invested on the front-end. 
Non-patented substances, no matter how well they work to produce positive health outcomes, are obviously not capable of producing a return on investment as they grant no market exclusivity. Economic considerations (i.e. profit motives), therefore, are the primary reason why natural medicine is still only being practiced outside the medical industrial establishment’s mile-high walls.
“It is an interesting footnote in history that shortly after the Declaration of Independence, Congress declared that natural substances, e.g. water or salt, were God’s gift to mankind and that therefore products of nature should be limited in their patent protection. While this was a noble declaration, it has actually been used against those whose rights it would protect. It has forced private interests to synthetically alter natural substances—for instance the burgeoning biotech field of recombinant DNA technology, i.e. genetically modified organisms (GMOs)—for the sole reason that it guarantees them ownership/patent rights.”
And so, because natural substances are a God-given gift (insert the word “Nature-given” if you prefer), freely available without adulteration to be used to treat and even cure disease, the medical system—whose present-day focus is profiting off of disease instead of alleviating suffering—goes out of its way to avoid their use, even ostracizing and/or punishing those medical professionals who do incorporate their use in their practice.
Likewise, capitalized pharmaceutical interests tinker with natural lead compounds to alter them in such a way that they are converted into xenobiotic chemicals, virtually guaranteeing their toxicity, and making their subsequent FDA drug approval as a novel patentable chemical compound the equivalent of the kiss of death.
This situation has created a great rift between those who believe the government should have the authority to tell us what we can and cannot do medically speaking, and those who believe it is our inborn right to choose food or natural substances to prevent or treat disease regardless of what the State deems legal. Obviously, I stand on the side of health freedom. As long as what you choose to do for yourself does no harm to anyone else, that right to choose should be considered inviolable and sacrosanct.
Truth be told, turmeric harms no one but the bottom of line of drug companies. Ultimately it is highly unethical for the medical establishment to pay lip service to evidence-based medicine, and turn a blind eye to the accumulating research that this spice, and the 1,700 other natural substances we have indexed on our database, have no legitimate value as treatments for the wide range of ailments that now plague members of our society.

Monday, July 22, 2019

A few days in Bocannaco life in pictures, thanks to alert Distributors Ron Bateman, Eli Moesser, Steve Davidson, and many others!