Thursday, February 14, 2019


Martin is on City Council in Hanford Calif where we did meeting last nite. He had two guests at meeting and both signed. Martin’s Sponsor (also there) used to be Mayor of Hanford.  Martin tried BocannaCaine for the first time!

This is from MD friend of Mike's who got his Cannagize yesterday. He is an Anestheologist and many times works a 24 hour shift.

"WOW!! Drank Cannagize this am!!!!!  Feeling great today. May be coincidental?!  But, I think I felt more energetic inside an hour?!"


You asked, Anthony answered:
Hey Barb,

Doc said that the oil is stable until it gets below somewhere around -20. I can't remember the exact number. If it freezes then it will have been compromised. But like any oil, it will have to be very cold to freeze it. 


Anthony Huff
Support Department


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Gospel according to Desi!


From Marcie High:  Here's an exciting short story I thought you might get a kick out of reading.

        A couple nights ago while I was making dinner I had a knock on the door. To my surprise it was our local sheriff who said he had a call in complaint that I was operating a business with out a business license. It clicked in my head that I have a banner on my gate around my property advertising that I sell THC-free CBD oil. So I asked the sheriff “Is it because of my sign?” The sheriff looked at me like YOU’RE CAUGHT and said “uh yeah” very confidently. In my relief I chuckled. I then explained that I don’t need a business license because I’m a distributor for an on line business. I let him know that I don’t grow the plant nor make the products on my property and informed him that we have the largest hemp fields in the United States and that we use continuous chromatography to extract the oils from the plant.  I then let him know how a customer orders the products and that I usually have some on hand. 

I asked what the law states in Washington about having a banner on my fence. He said I am completely legal but he is concerned with what type of people I am attracting. I knew then that he was not clear on what CBD is, so I explained that I am attracting people who want balance in their body and minds without the HIGH. I told him my story of how CBD helped me get off of so many prescriptions meds and helps me in so many ways. Then I said very proud “even you can take it and pass a UA”.  I, of course, pulled out our certificate of analysis went into detail and examples of the people I have attracted and how the oil has helped them. 

        I then asked who called this in and of course he couldn’t tell me, but this led the officer to come up with a wonderful idea. He said in an excited tone “hey, I got it... why don’t you put up one of those flyers boxes like when someone sells a house and it has all the info on a pamphlet and then people can just grab that and go”. 

        We ended our visit so happy like we knew each other for years. I have never been so happy that someone called the police on me. To that person, I thank you. I now have support from my local sheriff and an added flyer box for those who don’t feel comfortable stopping or calling. There is something for everyone now. 

Just another day sharing the good word.

Founder Marcie High, OR



"At Fresno meeting last nite,  Lady there who had surgery on wrist from a bad fall  a few years back and always in pain and always cold. Has steel plate in her arm and 8"scar and pins in her fingers. Mike had Bocannaco sample from Sept 2018 and told lady he did not know if it had any power left. Put one squirt (from bottom of sample) and in SEVEN SECONDS she telling her Hubby and crowd how warm her arm felt. In one minute she was about to cry. Unbelievable. She wanted to buy product but sad to tell her not ready yet."


And last and best, here is Master Presenter and Founder  Desi Fierro letting his hair down.  Don't worry, he is more 'masterly' than this when in front of a crowd.  But this was after the meeting and Desi was on a roll!  This is one Marine who can call a cadence!  And you should really hear his oil testimonial -- he was a real mess before Bocannaco's oil!  Let Desi bring a smile to your day.  (Look out, Hanford, he's coming for you!)

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Missed the Monday Night Bocannaco Call?  Click here to listen (John Lambeth starts around minute 17 if you need to fast forward)!

Monday, February 11, 2019

From West  Coast to Mid West, Bocannaco distributors are pushing the envelope of how to share, pump, share their golden oil and the energizing CannaGize with the most people the fastest!

We had a blast at the MidWest Regional in Indiana over the weekend.  Youngest Host/Emcee in the Bocannaco Universe that we know of proved his worth by moving a great event along without a hitch, thank you!  We're talking about  Raymond Kosinski who put his whole 19 years on the line and scored a major hit -- congratulations to all who participated in the excellent training, motivation and testimonials.  You guys ROCK!

For an exhaustive spread of photos, videos, and more photos, hop over to Facebook!

Mr. Kosinski and Mr. Downs kicked off a hot event on a cold day in Indiana!

Founders Marilyn and Cora are rooting for new Distributor Sandy Gonzalez!

Meet and Greet was Lotsa Lansing Fun!
New Distributors Ishmerai and Paul at the booth.

Seven Distributors are all talked out after 3 straight show days:  Randy, Ishmerai, Cora, Alanna, John, Marlyn and Paul
Image may contain: 5 people, including Sue Edwards, people smiling
Our team shared so much at the Health and Wellness show in Shipshewana Jan. 29!! Go Go Bocannaco!! — with Mark & Solly Marcinkowski and James & Sue  Edwards


Announcement from the desk of Anthony Huff:
Win a chance to see the hemp fields!

Bocannaco is holding a contest for all distributors to visit our 10,000 acre hemp farm in Colorado Springs, Colorado!

Eligibility Details
-Contest will run from February 1st, 2019 through May 31st, 2019.
-As a bonus, we're including any distributor activity (new legs) for the month of January.
-A distributor must personally enroll at least 3 distributors (no maximum) who sell/purchase product.
-At least 3 of the new legs must produce team volume of $3,000 each.
-Once eligible, total team volume from new distributors (enrolled after 01/01/2019) will decide the top 50 winners.
Trip Details
-Harvest time won't be known until about 1 month prior to harvest, which is usually in July. We want to make sure you get to see the fields before then, so the date of the trip will be announced in the last week of May.
-Trip will be on a weekend
Bocannaco will provide:
-Dinner Friday night
-Hotel accommodations Friday and Saturday nights
-Breakfast, lunch ,and dinner Saturday
-Bus tour to private 10,000 acre hemp farm and walk in field.
-Tour of 150,000 square foot processing facility to see firsthand how Bocannaco's product is planted, grown, processed, and shipped.
-Saturday night special dinner with Recognition to Top Ten Team Volume Winners.
-Sunday Breakfast
We are so excited to share this journey with you and look forward to seeing you there! Please send any questions you may have to

Tuesday, February 5, 2019



Thanks  to all who shared on the Monday Night Bocannaco Phone Call!  You guys ROCK:)  To listen to the recording, click here.

Dr. Lawrence with Kathleen and Warren Pannett, who head up the Fresno, CA, Tuesday night Bocannaco soiree!  If you are in the Central Valley area, stop by tonight to see what's going on!

8054 N. Cedar Avenue, Fresno 93720   7-8pm



Drop in with a guest to one of the many new Bocannaco team events popping up around the country:  check the Event Schedule in your Back Office or Team Bocannaco and Hemp Team Leaders in Facebook Groups.


BTW, there is a great Bocannaco testimonial group on Facebook at Testimonies of THC FREE CBD OIL  -- apply if you are a Distributor.

It is so amazing to read the stories on there!


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Monday, February 4, 2019

Gotta pay the rent somehow!

Absolutely fantastic time in Torrance for Super Saturday Training!  If you haven't seen the pics on Facebook (group Hemp Team Leaders)  some will be posted below.  Thanks to Eli, Phil, Macy, Lura and the whole OC/LA Team!


The training was originally to be for a few who would come to Doc's office.  Then word got out, distributors wanted to drive in, so venue went to  hotel.  Set up was for 50, then increased and increased... by Saturday, the room was set up for 75.  IN THE MIDDLE OF A HYUUGE STORM.... 20 + more chairs had to be added -- peeps came from ALL OVER and we had a blast!  See Phil's video when it posts!


CONGRATULATIONS to the 20 new Founders who got the job  done in less than 8 hours Thursday night!  They with the help of their uplines did amazingly!

The 20 shares went fast! Congratulations to our 20 new founders:

1. Abigail Lewis- AZ
2. Mike Madden- AZ
3. Chris Scavo- IL
4. Potsy Old- AZ
5. Carol Kurtz- AZ
6. Felix M Luzardo- TN
7. Kim Robinson- CA
8. Aaron C Holmes - AZ
9. Bryan Stevinson- CA
10. Christine Ruiz-Jorgensen- AZ
11. Yuri El Boujami- AZ
12. Alex Gatch- NV
Elvin Dau - CA
14. Bryce DaFonte- CA
15. Wendy Raygoza- CA
16. Doc Steve- CA
Marilyn Ortiz- CA

18. Theresa Clary- CA
Tammy Burns- AZ

20. Mindy Elliott- CA



Bocannaco CBD oil brings really good sleep to all😴


"Looking forward to seeing you this Wednesday February 6, 2019 7-7:45pm @ Roundtable 2227 Gellert South San Francisco    ---  ALL BOCANNACO Distributors Welcome!"


Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting, crowd, table and indoor

Chaunda and Eli!


We LOVE every Bocannaco event that we are privileged to go to:  don't take these events lightly, guys -- the fun, the sharing, the learning, and the friendships made are amazing.  If you have to make money on purpose, this is the best way we know of to pay the rent!


Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Exciting times here at Bocannaco!

CannaGize is shipping imminently -- woo hoo!

Lots of great promotions going on... I got to listen in on little bit of the
weekly call between Doc, David and Mike today and believe me,  there's some incredible stuff coming. 

We are especially looking forward to a great time in Torrance on Saturday at the TRAINING... and in fact Doc is going to do his first Bocannaco product training ever  and it is going to be  filmed !!!   You guys know how exciting that is, and especially for all of you who have never met or heard Doc!


Also, I had a great day yesterday with the Doctor that Dr. Lawrence set me up with regarding my Parkinson's.... will tell you all more about it when I have time.  I really don't know where I'd be if Dr. Lawrence and his awesome oil hadn't come along.


It's almost last day of the month so you know what that means:  BIG PAYDAY!

Image result for big payday


Praying for everyone of you in the deep freeze this week:

From Founder Gary Spickerman:  It's been Brutal today. Can't describe it. Tough on the hands and face. I commend all the guys working together to get the lights back on in this deep freeze.


Martin is on City Council in Hanford Calif where we did meeting last nite. He had two guests at meeting and both ...