Tuesday, November 13, 2018

fBocannaco Upcoming Events

Last night's Bocannaco Monday Night Call, listen - click here.



"As we have closed out our second Founders Pool, I would like to welcome all our new Distributors and Founders. Your Bocannaco Opportunity is like none other. 

This business is 100% driven by our incredible CBD Oil (shortly we will add CannaGize and BocannaCaine)- and the results that people are having. 

The goal for Doc, David, Barbara and me in the beginning n-just a few months ago-  was to build a distribution system with a Network Marketing platform to distribute these products. 

Our original goals have been greatly exceeded because of our Distributors and this is proven by the percentage  of Commission we are happily paying out. 

We look forward to you sharing our products and being part of our History making RESIDUAL MACHINE 

Pumping on,

Mike" (Mike Lammons, Bocannaco President)



As our company grows and meetings are popping up, we want to develop consistency in  promoted events.  The  power of your prospect seeing the same presentation anywhere is invaluable.

In your back office is a format we want everyone to use.  With videos and PowerPoint in your back office- all approved by our Attorney’s-we can achieve the consistency we are looking for.

Here are events for next few weeks--- all times are local:

Tuesday November 12, 2018

Fresno Calif.
7 pm PST
90 E. Escalon

Dyer, Indiana
7 pm
Sheffield’s Rest
1027 Sheffield Road
          Thursday, November 15, 2018
Elk Grove, Ca.
7 pm
Wackford Community Center
9014 Brucefield Rd
LaPorte, Indiana
6:30 pm 
2555 E 500 South  

Monday, November 12, 2018

News we Love to Get:

I want to share this with you. What a way to start my Sunday!..I'm walking on Sunshine!
☀ Cora Mandapat


----Original Message-----
Sent: 2018-11-11 11:23:26 AM
Subject: Bocannaco order
".....I met you at the Salem faire and was impressed with the professionalism of
 you and the company.  Overall  I found that if the vendors wanted to sell their 
products they should take a lesson from you.
I want one spray bottle of the 1000mg .  Please let me know.   Thank you. V.H."




More tomorrow:)

Saturday, November 10, 2018



Our field report of the day comes from Founder/Distributor Ed Downs:

Ed Downs
58 mins

 So Detroit Michigan is on the Map...............
Avita, John, April, Marc

Welcome with a Smile!

John Daniels sharing
I cannot believe that we had 300 original founder investors close out in a few weeks, and so being a humble company that we are, they decided to launch another 600 Founders, and offer a sort of ( profit sharing) opportunity to help a big jump start on the fastest growing industry in the world..... Those 600 shares have declined day after day in just a couple of weeks and we are now under 100, approximately 97 now.....
This is a $99 year position with amazing potential.. The founders is just the cream at the top........I am on a mission to personally sponsor 40 of the remaining positions..
IF U RECOGNiZE TIMInG and dig 115% ROI.

Return on investment and always share in company sales...
 this company don't care what companies you do, how many you do, all we do is share this blessing.....
Reach out.... the information is free!!!!!
One day you'll ask why you didn't call me ... and YOU WILL BE SORRY... -- Ed

Michigan on their minds...


Meanwhile, back in LA:

Founder/Distributor Eli Moesser and the OC/LA Team are going lights out!


It is a great week coming up to see the final countdown on the Founders #2 Pool!  Great job, everyone!  

We leave you with the words and motto of the great Gilbert Sanchez, Distributor/Founder:


A lofty goal we should all aspire to:)

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Smiling and Helping Others!

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Big Weekend in Michigan coming up...lots of traveling going on in people sharing Bocannaco with other people.  


Heard from Distributor Founder Gil Sanchez last night at the Fresno meeting:  guess what he did!  He took a little table and chair, made some posters, flyers and cards, and sat himself down outside a busy strip mall and just told people who stopped by about this amazing oil and where they can learn more about it!

Isn't that a great idea?  Great weather:  nothing much going on, so Gilbert put himself in the way of making new friends healthy!


Enjoy your mid-week now the ELECTION IS OVER!   Sing with me:  THE ELECTION IS OVER!  

Let's all get down to what makes the world go round -- smiling, feeling good, making money, AND helping others!

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Monday, November 5, 2018


...Reports from the Field:

"We are alive Mike and Barb! We have been in Oregon since Thursday at an event. 1300 miles round trip. We expect to bring at least 3 founders. On our way home now. Stopping over Bridge Bay Resort on Lake Shasta to see 2 great prospects that we met on the way up on Thursday. They were so excited and invited us to dinner to talk about the Bocannaco opportunity. 

Randy sold 2 bottles to the nice couple at the Black Bear Diner parking lot in Redding on the way up! Crazy. Randy, Cora, John & Alanna, Bob & Arisa, Mykell and Mom Diana were at the Bocannaco booth. 

For information on signage and booth ideas please contact Randy or John. 

Looking forward to a great turn out in Portland on December 1st! (😎I
          Cora sent this text for Randy while he was driving) Talk soon!





This is a text message I sent to my friend Bonnie Keller.
 I don't think I told you this. But I've been taking the CBD as you recommended. But 2 drops in the am and 2 at bedtime. The reason being I sleep with a Cpap full face mask and I've found I actually sleep much better the last couple nights. 
Also I had promised to walk a 5k for hearing loss. My goal was to walk as much as possible before having to stop because of my arthritic knee. I figured I could push it to at least half of the walk. I was totally prepared for the normal pain I would experience today the day after. 
I am blown away by the fact that not only did I finish the entire 5k (3.1 miles) but the only pain I'm experiencing today is from the blister on the bottom of my foot. No knee pain what so ever. Incredible.

Thursday, November 15 @ 7 pm
Wackford Community Center & Aquatic Complex
9014 Bruceville Rd.
Elk Grove, CA 95758
please help contribute to offset cost of event
Hosted by Debbie ArledgeKen Luke Renee Mohr and team
Pre register at
Venmo: Debbie-Arledge-1
PayPal: d.arledge7651@yahoo.com

Saturday, November 3, 2018


Wackford Community Center & Aquatic Complex 
9014 Bruceville Rd. Elk Grove, CA 95758 
Poppy Meeting Room

JOIN DEBBIE ARLEDGE AND TEAM, Mike & Barb Lammons, and other Special Guests!  Sacramento Area.  Guests Welcome!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Got a Hitch in your Git-a-long?

Poor little Sushi.... thankfully she has a mother who loves her!

From Mom :  
My dog 🐶 Sushi was healed in 16 hours because of the Magic Oil!! ❤❤️ Limping and in pain 😭 Afterwards. She is a happy girl!!

Now Sushi can be her normal self:


 Interesting interview below. It says all the right things.

You will notice, however, that we have all these resources rolled into one: Dr. Lawrence.

And all the product produced by one: Dr. Lawrence.

 And we are already in production NOW. 

And YOU can make $$ sharing with YOUR FRIENDS! 


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - Something you don't see everyday in Tennessee: a new CBD Hemp processing facility being built in Knoxville's Old City. 
"This is not marijuana, this is industrial hemp," says Blühen Botanicals managing partner Joe Fox.
Blühen Botanicals will be Knoxville's new Hemp CBD processing, research and development facility set to open by the end of 2018. 
"We will not only research CBD, but other cannabinoids that could be beneficial for health and wellness," said Fox. 
There are more than 144 cannabinoids in a cannabis plant and CBD happens to be one of them. 
"Right now CBD is the booming industry that surrounds hemp or cannabis," Fox says. "In the state of Tennessee, the production of hemp is 100 percent legal. CBD is also 100 percent legal." 
The core difference between hemp and cannabis is that Hemp contains less than 0.3 percent of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana that can allow a person to get high, while cannabis will have much higher amounts of THC. 
"The ongoing joke we use with everyone is you could smoke this entire facility and it's not going to get you high, so if you're looking for a high, this is the wrong place," Fox joked. 
Fox explained his research and development facility is just scratching the surface of how CBD can play a role in overcoming the opioid epidemic. 
"Unfortunately there's no silver bullet. The damage is done when you look at this epidemic that's taken our country," said Fox. "There's great research that's now starting to come out that shows pain management is certainly an application for the CBD industry."
An industry Fox says is plagued with poor quality product, which is why he says it's important to know where your product comes from and what's in it. 
"The market [right now] is flooded with low-quality CBD from China and other countries."
Blühen Botanicals has teamed up with plant pathologists, entomologists, horticulture experts in addition to partnering with multiple universities around the country for a science-based approach to provide farmers with the knowledge for their plants to thrive. 
"Right now we are focused on supporting the farmers here, in our home state of Tennessee," Fox said. "I found a passion for this industry I didn't intend to find." 
Cannabinoids such as CBD are being increasingly recognized for multiple wellness properties across the U.S., and earlier this year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first CBD-based medicine for treatment of seizures stemming from two rare forms of epilepsy.
"I realized there is science here," said Fox.
The facility will initially operate as a processor of hemp grown by local farmers. The Knoxville-based hemp-processor will transform the legally grown hemp plant into wholesale CBD oil and other applications, which will then be sold to industry retailers and distributors. Commercial hemp production was made legal in Tennessee following the passage of House Bill No. 1164 in 2017.
Blühen Botanicals will have the capacity to process 2,000 pounds of hemp biomass per day with the potential to rapidly scale its output beyond that capacity in the future. CBD, one of many compounds known as cannabinoids in the hemp plant, is extracted from the biomass. CBD is used in a variety of wellness products. “The CBD oil industry is virtually unknown to the vast majority of U.S. consumers, and we’re excited to increase the awareness of its benefits in the Southeast,” said Fox.  

fBocannaco Upcoming Events

Last night's Bocannaco Monday Night Call, listen - click here. ************* TO ALL DISTRIBUTORS: "As we have closed out our ...