Memorable Spring

Face of the Future

Yesterday Bocannaco Distributor and Founders Bonus Pool Member Jeff Verdugo came down from the mountains bearing an envelope of paperwork and checks of his starting Bocannaco Team!

He'll be back Friday with another envelope.  Jeff has a back injury and his first bottle of Bocannaco oil brought such relief that he is in full 'let's share this with everybody!' mode.


The new Bocannaco Opportunity video by David and Anthony is a big hit!

Feedback has been plentiful and it's all "Thanks!" and Thumbs up!

If you did not get the link and password, text whoever gave you this website and they will be happy to share.


Spring is shaping up to be memorable for many things.  But we believe that 2018  will be a standout year for one thing:   bringing Dr. Lawrence's incredible work ethic, scientific prowess and inventive  formulations within the reach of ordinary people, through the vehicle of Bocannaco.
If you haven…

The first Bocannaco Founder Bonus Pool Member and First Distributor !!

Great call last night.  Dr. Lawrence was a big hit with everyone and so glad that a bunch of you got to hear from him direct about why Bocannaco is the 'real deal'.

The first Bocannaco Founder Bonus Pool Member and First Distributor submitted their paperwork this morning:  Welcome on board Warren and Kathleen Pannett!  
The beginning is now and what an exciting endeavor to be part of!


David sent a link just now to the Bocannaco Opportunity video:   it is Awesome!  It should post for you to view and share with others shortly.  David's videos are an incredibly helpful tool to help you market your business quickly and powerfully.  At only 6 minutes long, anybody can make time to give it a look.


One of the bumps we have dealt with involved not using the term CBD on our website and in materials (don't ask -- political mumbojumbo).  But that has been cleared away by the President and after  time spent  scrubbing those 3 letters from all our docume…

Meet Dr. L. Monday night!


Monday nite call our very special guest will be Bocannaco's own Dr. Robert Lawrence.
He will share info from his 25+ years in Hemp Industry and even answer product -related
questions from you folks. Please submit in advance in the interests of time.

Send your questions to:

Mike by text: 559 824 3254

Barbara by email:
barblammons@gmail.comAnd invite your guests to join in -- we wish you could each meet Dr. Lawrence in person, but this will be the next best thing! 

6 pm PSTMonday April 16

Dial 515 739 1030

Pin code    319 289 214#


And there might be another newsy tidbit or two announced, so GET READY!


 And just in case you think we aren't in awe of the cannabis sativa plant and what it means to those who suffer....

Bocannaco Oil Phenomenon

From the Doc:

Functions of the Endocannabinoid System The endocannabinoid system is perhaps the most crucial biological system involved in creating and maintaining optimum homeostasis in your body. Endocannabinoids and related CB1 and CB2 receptor sites are produced and found nearly everywhere in your body. They are in your brain, tissues, organs, glands, and cells. In each region, your endocannabinoid system performs countless functions with one sole purpose, homeostasis. By consuming cannabidiol (CBD), homeostasis begins to occur in your body at an unprecedented speed on many levels. Fundamentally, CBD provides internal balance for human anatomy despite wildly accelerating changes and stress in your external environment.

One example is relief from inflammation and pain from chronic or acute injury while incurring no tolerance or dependence. CBD minimizes pain and damage caused by an injury. CBD prevents your body from doing too much of a good thing when injured by inhib…

Fantastic call - Share It!

Fantastic call: special thanks to all who shared!  Especially Randy Orloff,  John Lambeth, Don Nicholes, Kathleen Pannett and Robert Williams!
Click here to listen, download or share:

Bocannaco is Set Apart from the Rest: Find out How

Special Guests on Bocannaco Monday Night Call:

Founder Randy Orloff and Founder John Lambeth!

Randy and John have both been to Dr. Lawrence's lab office and have a lot to share about what they know about the industry, what they've learned recently, and what they have noticed in using the oil.  There is a difference that sets Bocannaco apart:  learn more!
Guests welcome!

Join us tomorrow nite- Monday April 9 at 6 pm PST

515 739 1030

Pin 319 289 214#


Great call last night  --   thanks to all who shared!  Some great stories are coming forth; like John Lambeth and how his sleep quality and dreams are amazing with Bocannaco oil.  Randy and Mike piped up with the same story!  So for sure, people are reaping the benefits of sleeping soundly, resting completely in REM sleep, and waking up alert and ready to go!


Is it just me, or is there an awful lot of CBD-buzz in the air lately?  Like the article below.

From the Inbox:

Thanks to alert Founder Randy Orloff for passing this along --

Lavanya Ramanathan The Washington Post  Source: In a lowlit room at Joy's Spa in Washington, Dawn Franklin is smoothing a creamy white mask onto Jessica Osorio's face. The mask, she says, is infused with chamomile and sage and aloe vera, plus one ingredient that she still has to explain to her clients: CBD.
An aesthetician, Franklin st…