Thursday, August 30, 2018



Bocannaco Founders Bonus Pool Member Rita Verdugo sends this along --

Well apparently my aunt has been watching my Facebook and saw the testimony from last night and decided to call and get a bottle from me for her joint pain. She is also having a thyroid issue. She paid me $125.00 for the bottle without hesitation! I only asked her for the $99.00😏Guess she looked at the store before she called me????  Meeting another lady who just called me and is having severe pain from arthritis. She can't wait to get her bottle!! 



"On the ferry in my truck going to see the Doc*... Had to wait for the ship to go by" 

 From Bocannaco Founders Bonus Pool Member Don Nicholes

(*the doc Don is referring is a doctor who saw Don's booth at a county fair, tried the oil on a patient, and now wants to be a Distributor)



Pharma drug side effects add nearly half a TRILLION dollars to U.S. health care costs each year

The real reason health insurance and medical care is so expensive is because most of the “medicines” doled out are actually costly poisons that cause more health problems. The side effects of pharmaceutical drugs only cause more doctor visits, more testing, more medical intervention, and a cycle of drug dependence. So many people today do not understand what it feels like to be healthy, to be functioning with energy, strength, stamina, cognition, and strong natural immunity because they have been lied to and abused by this pharmaceutical system.

For example, the aluminum salts in an HPV vaccine can trigger seizures in a young girl, forcing her to need anti-seizure medication. This anti-seizure medication can cause insomnia, leading her to need a sleeping pill. The sleeping pill can cause attention deficit and memory recall issues, leading to more medication and more problems down the road.

Most pharmaceuticals actually initiate the symptoms of chronic disease, causing entirely new problems within the body. Statins are used to control cholesterol levels, but they quickly accelerate cognitive decline. SSRI’s are used to treat depression, but they often cause metabolic issues and weight gain that can exacerbate fatigue and depression. The researchers refer to these problems as non-optimized medication therapy. The problems encompass adverse reactions, prescription error, medication non-compliance or the development of entirely new diseases from perfectly prescribed pharmaceuticals.
For complete article, read here.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

If a picture's worth a thousand words, here's a chapter:

Who's this Bocannaco Bombshell?

New Distributor Marcie High and her crew, San Fran bound!

All guests in Fresno get a sip!

4 pumps in spoon....

And hold under tongue!

The Bocannaco Buzz....

Miz Rita registers a new Distributor!

Much more to share....

Monday, August 27, 2018

Bocanna pup does well!


Marcie High (see yesterday's blog post)

Bocannaco Monday night Informational Call  GUESTS WELCOME!

6 pm PST   Monday    August 26, 2018

Dial 515 739 1030

Pin code    319 289 214#



Cora's "doggone story" 

Bocanna pup does well! 

Yuri went to her dog training class over the weekend at Petco and somehow may have contracted conjunctivitis on her left eye from contact with other dogs. When I got home her left eye had icky discharge. I looked at youtube for different natural remedies. I put green tea and honey like the instructions said. But no improvement. 

I put some Bocannaco hemp oil on the eye and it improved in a minutes!  She stopped rubbing her eye with her paw. Saves me a lot of money from a vet visit plus medication! Go Bocannaco! Woof!  


From  Bocannaco Facebook:

"My wife gave some to neighbor 4 squirts. We saw him today he said he was so calm and relaxed at work and he has a high stress job. So of course he bought a bottle and looks like is going to be a distributor. GO GO BOCANNACO!!!"   Mark Marcinkowski

"My neighbor came over last night with a bottle of ""Plus CBD Oil". He paid $75 for it and another $35 for some lotion (before I became a Bocannaco distributor). Not only is this just 3% CBD per serving, the first thing listed under "Other ingredients" is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I tried it. The flavor was ok...peppermint....but it just sat in my mouth. Very little or no absorbtion. It did nothing for me, really. The other interesting note, it says "CO2 Extracted". So, all in all everyone, I took one for the team."  Jayne Baker


REMINDER: Bocannaco Presentation

Tuesday, August 28 at 7 PM location: Angela's Italian restaurant 5251 North Blackstone Ave., Fresno, CA 93710
In the Banquet room. ( Special Guest Jeff Verdugo, Mike & Barbara Lammons ).



Saturday, September  8, 2018

10 am START - till FINISHED:)

Holiday Inn Express
1773 Fountain Park Drive
Schererville, IN

Hosts:  Kosinski and Downs

Guests:  Dr. Robert Lawrence, Founder and Formulator
             David Daniels, IT
             Mike Lammons, Marketing
             Plus many more!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Bocannaco oil helps IMMEDIATELY!

5-Star Founder Don Nicholes shares sample and the results were dramatic and immediate!  Listen to Marcey's story:

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Bocannaco Helps Me


Subject: RE: Citrus and Plastic

  1. This rule of thumb, citrus vs plastic bottle = bad, is pretty much an old wives tale. Just ask yourself how much orange or lemon juice you see in plastic bottles. Forget the cartons, just look in the store for juice in plastic bottles. Of course if the plastic contains bisphenol A. (BPA), then it bleeds out carcinogens with any liquid. Our bottles are BPA free.  
  2. Our bottles are also HDPE plastic (High Density Polyethylene). It’s the highest quality plastic for just about any product. It happens to be the best choice for safety in so many regards.
  3. We don’t use citrus flavor. Flavorings are artificial and frankly, I just won’t do it. We use lemon oil but not the lemon oil made from the entire lemon. We use only the rind. If you strip off a lemon rind and bite off a small amount from the inside of the rind, you will taste exactly what you taste in Bocannaco.


FROM THE 'How Bocannaco Helps Me' File:

Following is from FIVE STAR Ron Nabhan in Indiana --  " Mike. I just started two new people on our oil less than a week ago. One of them is an employee of mine. He was in Iraq and had some very bad experiences. One incident everybody in his platoon was killed but him and one other guy. He goes to weekly meeting to keep sane. Has a hard time with anxiety and dealing with people. I told him I would buy his first bottle because the guy bust ass for me and is a great employee. He text me after the first night. Yes, first night, and said that was the first time in years he slept without having nightmares. Text me the next night and thanked me over and over and said he slept like a baby and how well he feels. All because of this CBD oil. 

My hairdresser has major problems with his feet. He started CBD about a week ago. He text me after three days and said thanks brother, I’ve been on pain pills for years and I haven’t had pain since trying the CBD oil you got me. Unbelievable.... no pain. And he is now starting his sister on it who has MS. I’ll keep you updated with her results. Yes, she can put them on blog for sure.... if you wanted to tape the guy who works for me when you're up here I’m sure he would have no issues also. He is so appreciative." 


NOTE the new updates to your back office!  

You can link directly to your downlines' websites from Geneology section!

Sponsor is now showing downline.

My Account, My Money shows live money you have.  Levels 0, 1 and 2 FSB are paid weekly -- week ends 11:59pm Central time.  All residual and Levels 4-7 are paid monthly.  Month ends 11:59pm last day of month.


NOTE new Page added to blog to keep your favorite and most helpful sharers handy!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Amazing stories with Bocannaco

From 5 Star Founder Don Nicholes:

"Sold 8 bottles today at our county fair. 2 potential new distributors. Talked to lots of people gave out lots of info. Got lots of people to follow up with."

Don's original banners look great!

Nice crisp display of product and info.

 Listen to Don describing a customer's amazing story on the call last night (following Vivian):



The VistaPrint portal to print Trifolds and Business Cards is now available! Head to your Documents section and look for VistaPrint! An example of what the document looks like is shown below. You'll have to create a login to access the portal, so be sure to write it down! Also, here is the same link that's in the document in case you want to get started right away:

No automatic alt text available.
 From 5 Star Founder Ray Kosinski:

This evening I ran into a couple of high school friends at a restaurant that seen my Facebook live post. One of them said I think this can help my mother. I ran out to my car to get a bottle for him. When I came back the owner of the restaurant who is also a doctor was at the table. They asked him what his thoughts were on CBD oil. He said he recently tried it and it helped him so much with back pain and knee pain. I explained to the Doc how great our product is and the doctor bought a bottle off of me and then took a picture of me with it for facebook. It's all about sharing the information and not being afraid to talk to anyone. Create success stories, share them and everyone will be super successful because this product is amazing.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Ray Kosinski, people standing and indoor

Bocannaco Events:

Bocannaco Presentation
Tuesday, August 21st at 7 PM location: Angela's Italian restaurant 5251 North Blackstone Ave., Fresno, CA 93 710
In the Banquet room

Indiana: September 6 - 8, 2018

On Thursday September 6th we are going to do an event at my home. 242 Deertrail drive, Dyer Indiana. At 7:00 p.m. we will have Mr. Jack Daniel's and Mr. Mike Lammons. On Friday we are going to have an executive luncheon at Kaceys restaurant in Lansing IL. 17800 Lorenz, noon. Free will donation. Guests Free.

We are still working on a location for Friday evening it will be somewhere between Valpo and Laporte. That will be at 7:00 p.m. we will have The Lammons, Doc Lawrence and Jack Daniels at that presentation. Then on Saturday morning we will be doing our first midwest regional at Holiday Inn express in Schererville, Indiana. We will do a business presentation from 10 till about 11 and then we will do training till about 1:30 p.m. we will have the Doc, Lammons and Jack Daniels. We need to all be there with guests so they keep coming to help us explode the midwest!!  Ray Kosinski

California:  SSF  September 29, 2018   (See yesterday's post for details!)




Saturday, August 18, 2018

Make It a September to Remember with Bocannaco!

Make your plans:


Registration and event details will post early next week.

Host Marlyn Ano has obtained a block of rooms at the hotel below.  Reserve by calling 650.873.3550 or 1.800.HOLIDAY by September 15, 2018.

Holiday Inn San Francisco Airport

275 South Airport Blvd. 
South San Francisco, California
94080  United States

            Block held for Check in-September 28,  2018 or after

Single/double occupancy: $120 +tax
Triple/Quad occupancy: $10 +tax additional per person
Breakfast per person- $13+tax continental breakfast
                               $17+tax full American breakfast
(There is IHOP across the street; McD a short walk -- Costco 1/2 mi :)
Applicable Taxes and Miscellaneous Charges
•      Room Tax- 10.195% + Tourism fee $3.75
•      FnB tax- 9.25%
•      Overnight Car Parking- $9.95, Mid size coach $40 and Bus Parking- $60
•      Porterage- $6 per person round trip upto 2 bags (Optional)
•     Complimentary Wi-Fi in all guestrooms, lobby and restaurant
•     Complimentary use of 24 hour fitness center
•     Complimentary shuttle service to/from SFO Airport from 4am to 1am daily
•     24-hour business center access
There are any number of great hotels nearby:  but this one is next door to Conference Center.

Hotel Exterior Nighttime

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Highest and Best: Bocannaco and credit cards


Great start to Bocannaco's first week of the open Product Store!  Thank you to all who have shared and are sharing this amazing oil.

Although the Bocannaco Back Office is so simple to read and navigate, and the compensation is LIVE and in REAL TIME so even the least-techhy among us should be able to catch on quick --  nevertheless the Monday night Bocannaco Call will be devoted to a quick training on How to Catch-On to what makes the Bocannaco money flow!


If you are wondering why Bocannaco does not yet offer credit card processing, below is a brief reprint from a recent news release that will illustrate what's going on:

Kroger-owned chain to stop accepting Visa credit cards

California-based Foods Co. Supermarkets bans Visa credit due to high swipe fees

Brady Porche
Staff Reporter

A California subsidiary of Kroger will stop accepting Visa credit cards next month, in a dispute over swipe fees.
Foods Co. Supermarkets said it would no longer take Visa credit cards beginning Aug. 14. The ban will cover 21 stores and five fueling centers in central and northern California. 
Retailers pay card networks an interchange fee – also called a “swipe fee” – of about 2 or 3 percent of the purchase price each time a consumer uses a credit card. Experts say the costs of the swipe fees typically get passed on to the consumer.
Foods Co. said in a statement Visa charges some of the highest fees of any credit card brand, and that the store’s customers would save money as a result of its decision. Additionally, a Kroger spokesman said the ban can be expanded to the parent company's stores. Kroger operates 2,782 grocery stores in 35 states under nearly two dozen brands, according to its website.  

Retailers have fought the card networks in court over swipe fees in recent years. In 2014, Wal-Mart filed a lawsuit against Visa, alleging the latter used its dominant market position to jack up swipe fees. The lawsuit said retailers paid $350 million in interchange and network fees from 2004 to 2012. 



The article above mentions swipe fees of 2-3%.  For companies such as Bocannaco, we are getting quoted more like 6-8%.

Which is something Bocannaco wants to avoid in the best interests of both our CUSTOMERS and our DISTRIBUTORS.

To give our customers the highest value at the best price and pay the most generous commissions to Distributors is Bocannaco's goal.  

We are continuing the quest for a reliable processor with reasonable fees and are confident we will be successful --

but in the meantime, there are lots of hurting people who want Bocannaco's oil today whether a credit card company makes massive profits off of us or not! 


AND WHEN someone asks you about paying with a credit card, infom them that Bocannaco trusts them to choose common sense over credit-cents!


How is it stacking up so far?  A quick check of Distributor Reece G.'s My Money section of his back office shows that one personal sale of Bocannaco oil this month will get him $145.59 -- from Levels 0-3, FSB and residual.  Which is not bad for the 3rd day -- and there are still almost two weeks left! 


Monday, August 13, 2018


Bocannaco News: The Store Is Open!



The Bocannaco store has opened -- for its FIRST day of business -- with its FIRST product, which just happens to be THE WORLDS BEST HEMP OIL!  

The stories are coming daily about that claim....:)

Check out the store on YOUR personal website, and send hurting folks there!



6pm Pacific time (9 eastern)

                    (515) 739-1030 

 Access code  319-289-214#

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Bocannaco store to Open!


1. Heard from David (IT) today -- he will open the Bocannaco store MONDAY, August 13, 2018.  There will still be some behind-the-scenes coding going on but David will be hands-on to handle all orders!

2.  No, I didn't think to ask what exact time.

     You are invited by the Bay Area Bocannaco Team to the Bay Area Launch of Bocannaco.  10-4   At the South San Francisco Conference Center:

4. A list of close hotels and further details will be posting as we go forward, but MAKE YOUR travel plans!


David Daniels
Anthony Huff
John Daniels
Mike Lammons
Barb Lammons

Bocannaco Founders Pool Members

AND  you!!  

6.   We are pinching ourselves:  it looks like this is really happening -- and you are the reason!

7.   All interested in Bocannaco are invited to participate This Saturday August 11, 2018   2:00-5:00pm.   Roundtable Pizza at 2633 Springs Road, Vallejo, CA. All are welcome!

Also  2pm-5pm August 19. Roundtable Pizza at 2633 Springs Road, Vallejo, CA. Please post on blog as Bocannaco Founders Pool Member Cora Mandapat  conducts more presentations in the Bay Area...:)


Photos from this week in Bocannaco:

Making friends and homeostasis:  Fresno style!

Bocannaco Founders Pool Member Jeff Verdugo shares.

The Woman with The Product and the Plan on a Mission:  Cora!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Bocannaco Events -- Tuesday night (TONIGHT)

From Five Star Bocannaco Founders Pool Members John and Cyndi Lindsay ---  Tues nite Hi Mike, the details on the Roseburg, Oregon,  Bocannaco get-together:

 We will be meeting at the Round Table Pizza at 2040 Northwest Stewart Parkway in Roseburg at 6:30 and the presentation will start at 7 p.m. if you can put the word out that would be great!  Everyone invited!


From Five Star Bocannaco Founders Pool Member Ray Kosinski:

We will have a PBR at my home on Tuesday (tonight)  at 7pm. I live in northwest Indiana only 30 minutes from downtown Chicago. If any of you from all over the country have someone you know, send them over. We will help get them rolling for you. 242 Deertrail drive,  Dyer,  Indiana.  (PM Ray on Fb group Bocannaco Leadership with questions.)


From Bocannaco Founders Pool Member Robert de la Cruz:

New larger location in Fresno!
Bocannaco Overview.
Tuesday, August 7th
Time: 7 PM
Location: Angela's Italian restaurant 5251 North Blackstone Ave., Fresno, CA 93 710
In the Banquet Room

Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor 

 Tonight's a busy night in the Bocannaco Universe!


Sunday, August 5, 2018

Friday, August 3, 2018

Ready for the Flood!

Miscellaneous Notes:

1.  Trifold brochure is being completed by Anthony and will shortly be available online and through VistaPrint.

2.  Store is IMMINENT -- and the shipping department is ready for 'the flood'!  But in the meantime, we hear that many of the Bocannaco Founders Pool Members are loaning bottles from their oil shipments so that new Distributors can see what all the excitement is about ... which just goes to show the heart of the Bocannaco leader base!

3.  It has come to our attention that a bottle or two of oil are currently being used to help loved ones get off opioids.   

Dr. Lawrence cautions that anyone doing this should GRADUALLY wean themselves off their pain meds -- DO NOT do it cold turkey.  A 30-day window to meet this goal is realistic: a little less opioids each day, a little more Bocannaco oil.

4.   Have you used your Bocannaco landing page yet?  Go in to your back office; click on 'Share video'.  Choose email or text: choose a video to send to yourself -- presto!  You'll know what we're talking about!  Here's one Distributor's -- yours is just like it:
5.  Note:  the  first Certificate of Analysis for the oil lot that has shipped and is shipping to Founders can be downloaded and printed from the Resources: Documents section of your back office!

6.  Have a great weekend:  see you on the Monday night Bocannaco call!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Bocannaco, the Place to Be!


Fwd: Hi Cora, Good morning. Just want to share with you that our CBD works wonders for my shoulders; for the first time I got relief from stiffness and pain in the morning (upon waking up, I usually have it)...thanks. I'm now a believer! Sometimes, the stars are aligned and I believe ours met yesterday. I'm now sharing my story ...a true believer and satisfied Registered Nurse, new distributor Regina P.


Tom McGinnis has been on Bocannaco oil for 2 weeks and shared with the group his results:  he was taking 30 units of insulin 3 x daily; now is taking 20 units  3 x daily and his blood sugar count has gone down!  He is so excited at the prospect of what one month -- or more -- on the oil might do!

Bay Area Bocannaco Leader Cora Mandapat (r) at a local industry convention yesterday:  the most powerful CBD she could find was just 240 mg!  She made some new contacts and has appointments set to share Bocannaco!

Meet Marisa Orduno, Bocannaco FIVE STAR FOUNDER, with Barb. She has a Mariachi Band that travels around Calif... She used to have a band that traveled the entire USA. She and her group played in opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics. We're working on her doing music for our San Fran Launch on 9-29-18 This is at Fresno Mtg Tuesday night. 

The last to leave Fresno event get their pic taken!  Lots of guests and new Distributors to welcome!

Desi Fierro explaining things to Mike.