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Bocannaco Healthy People


Marlene was awesome on the call last night: if you missed it, click on link below to hear how the oil helped her dad, herself, her daughter, friend, and husband... and much more!
Also, Ted Dawes chimed in with what he is noticing after using Dr. Lawrence's oil for two weeks.

We're in the first stage of our motto:  Healthy People.  

Next come Healthy Profits and Healthy Difference!


Just saw revised Bocannaco Introductory video and it is AWESOME!  Stay tuned for it -- should be uploaded publicly imminently. 


John Daniels sent along a link to a trove of CBD/hemp oil industry videos:  am wading through them to see if any are worth posting here.

 More Later~

Bocannaco Call with Marlene:


6 pm Pacific time   Monday night  March 19, 2018

Dial (515) 739-1030     Access Code 319-289-214#
Guests Welcome!




 Pic from Tuesday at Doc Lawrence office in Torrance, Ca. Lady is Jenny  and was referred to Doc year or so ago.  Doc's wife Macy ( a Nurse)  told us about Jenny being referred to Doc with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Showed us pics of  the lesions.  Yesterday we met this precious lady. We now have pics AND cancer cell count from her chart that she generously allowed us to share. Her doctors had sent her home to die. We were in tears listening to her talk about being in wheelchair in 2015 and 2016 and telling her 16 and 10 year old kids the doctors had told her to go home and die.  Cancer had metastasized through bone to external lesions. After taking Doc's  Oil  she now plays soccer with her kids. Cancer count went from 1474 one year ago to 166 at last month's reading.  Dropping steadily each month! -- Mike Lammons
This is actually quite staggering. We have to believe that something God makes has to better than something we create! …

Such a time as this!

Off to LA for a great time of introducing a group of business builders to Dr. Lawrence face-to-face!  Meeting a few of them for the first time ourselves!

Marlyn, Cora and Randy and teammates Prince and Francine are flying down in the morning, and Jeff and Rita driving down from the hills -- as well as some 'locals' who'll be there.

Updates for all on the comp plan which David should have programmed in any minute -- and updates from the Doc on product packages, logo, news, etc.

As the days wind down we are closer to having a Founder's Pool sign in page, along with whatever else Dave has ready for beta testing.  Based on David's record with Digital World, however, we are expecting NO GLITCHES. So beta tests should be short and sweeet!

Anthony is an incredible video-creator and I'm sure has some product and industry videos ready to roll out for our use in sharing the hemp and CBD benefits with others.

Mike and Barb will be on the road so if you want to contact ei…

Bocannaco CBD News

CBD in the News today:
CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (CBS4) – For more than seven decades, Gary Griffin never tried marijuana. The Castle Rock businessman and former Airman considered it “The Devil’s Weed.”

But at 74, everything changed for Griffin when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He started looking for anything that might calm the constant shaking of his hands and the sleepless nights associated with the disease. He read anecdotal accounts from other patients about the benefits of CBD oil, derived from a non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant.
Gary Griffin 77 Year Old Coloradan With Parkinsons Does An About Face On cannabis.

Reluctantly, he tried it.

cbd oil 77 Year Old Coloradan With Parkinsons Does An About Face On Marijuana

“My first drop,” Griffin remembered thinking. “I may not survive. I may go wild kicking off the balcony.”

“My doctor said,’Don’t go confusing your Googling with my medical degree.'”

Soon Griffin enrolled in Colorado’s first study measuring the ef…

Bocannaco: A Healthy Difference

From Mike Lammons:

Amazing the success u can have when u help a bunch of folks share with their friends.

When we got the award below, there were over 2 million reps in Excel and we had never even been in a network marketed company.  It was a tough product with a stingy comp plan!

We can guarantee you that no one has ever seen a generous marketing plan like Bocannaco is putting together!

And for sure no one has ever seen products like we have.  Our goal and belief:  Bocannaco's residual payments to its distributors will dwarf everything that has gone before.

Plant your seeds.



If you have been researching the subject of cannabis and are wondering what sets Bocannaco apart from the rest of the market, read the following from Dr. Lawrence -- it is knowledge you need today with a definitive Mission Statement at the end!

Newsletter from Dr. Lawrence:  

If you open the internet visiting CBD’s, you will notice a plethora of people have found a new medium with which to forge…

Live Call Event

TONIGHT - MONDAY, MARCH 5, 2018 -- 6pm Pacific Time (9pm Eastern)

Dial in to (515) 739-1030
Access code: 319-289-214 # For intro to brand-new company Bocannaco by Mike & Barb Lammons and Special Guests Randy Orloff and Cora Mandapat. 
"Knowledge speaks; wisdom listens."
Into the massive hype and confusion about CBD, Hemp and Cannabis in the market today Bocannaco brings balance and order.
Is there reason for hype?  Certainly!  (Watch video on yesterday's post, for example.)
Is it a confusing subject in spite of all the knowledge?  Absolutely.
But no one should miss gaining the benefits of the cannabis plant's array of properties.
Guests Welcome.

Cannabis CBD amazing claims

According to Dr. William Courtney, the western medical mind has a very hard if not impossible time trying to understand the diverse actions of Cannabidiol. He explains how his youngest patient who is 8 months old, had a very massive centrally located inoperable brain tumor.

Researchers have now found that the compound, called cannabidiol, has the ability to ‘switch off’ the gene responsible for metastasis in an aggressive form of cancer. Importantly, this substance does not produce the psychoactive properties of the cannabis plant. “The Hemp plant is actually an excellent plant because the THC content can be low, that’s if you’re treating a condition for which appears CBD food supplement is in order. . . The plants we’re using in Luxembourg have only 1% CBD, a 1% CBD plant is providing you with 19 times more CBD per pound than Oranges provide you of vitamin C. A 1% is an excellent source, you can make tremendous concentrates you can eat the plant raw – and the absence of the T…

Bad news/good news

The bad news:

Parkinson's Will Double by 2040:
Are We Ready?

Scientists predict the number of people with Parkinson's in the world will double by 2042 to more than 15million. -- The Michael J. Fox Foundation
The good news:
A Nonconventional Approach to Parkinson's Disease Therapy
Parkinson's disease (PD), a neurodegenerative disorder, is the second most common neurological illness in United States. Neurologically, it is characterized by the selective degeneration of a unique population of cells, the nigrostriatal dopamine neurons. The current treatment is symptomatic and mainly involves replacement of dopamine deficiency. This therapy improves only motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease and is associated with a number of adverse effects including dyskinesia. Therefore, there is unmet need for more comprehensive approach in the management of PD. Cannabis and related compounds have created significant research interest as a promising therap…

Excellent and interesting brief video of hemp/CBD -- be sure to watch!

Thanks to Bocannaco's Randy Orloff for this interesting article:

To add to the growing body of evidence of medical prowess of marijuana, a medical charity in Illinois – the American Epilepsy Society (AES) – has now announced, that a study it supervised has proven that marijuana is an effective cure for seizures, especially in children. The AES has accepted the study in its online journal.

The heartwarming announcement was made at the annual meeting of the AES. It is said the study was the largest ever study showing marijuana is capable of curing seizures.
According to statistics, epilepsy affects one in 26 Americans during their lifetime. One-third is said to have a form of the condition that resists treatment or effective management. However, children and young adults are the most vulnerable to this devastating condition.
According to the study, Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive extract of cannabis, can provide the best option for the treatment of epilepsy, especially…