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Respect and Trust of CBD hemp product

This is Dr. Lawrence's response to the article posted here yesterday from Kentucky Sports Radio -- you can feel Doc's heart in his words:

"That is a wonderful article. The article clarifies the reality of hemp oil (cannabidiol), in all its glory. Make no mistake though, there is quite a sinister underground that will (like all popular products), use every means possible to incorporate monetary gain by cheating. China for example is currently growing industrial hemp and using extraction processes that cause cancer. There are so many that choose to pervert the product which is why we currently are the only company that will demonstrate a third party certificate of analysis that will actually display the lot (batch), code on the bottle with the exact certificate that the consumer can see for themselves the unyielding transparency of a company that intends on showing reality vs. bs.I truly believe that this simple piece of paper sets us aside from over 98% of the…

Cannot get this incredible opportunity out of my mind!!

Bocannaco call #1:

Here is what Randy Orloff planned to share:

"Honesty Products # 1!!!!! Doctors expertise & credibility Transparency Real facts,we can backup!! Quick delivery Quick pay Based in CA! No real competition Incredible timing, in the Massive future of Hemp Oil, & other products The company has the ability to ramp up quickly... I can go on and on... Super excited, is the biggest under statement of my business Life! Cannot get this incredible opportunity out of mind!! Hard to Sleep!!" -- Randy
In the interests of giving everyone time to share, Randy cut himself short:  but you must hear him when he's not worried about being brief!  Look for upcoming calls featuring each of these great leaders, as well as John Daniels and Dr. Lawrence himself!


GREAT CALL last night:  many guests.  Thanks to all who shared their observations!

Marlyn Ano called and said she has 10 people ready to be Founder's Pool members!  Initi…

Live Call Event

Be Cannawise:  Meet Bocannaco!Mike Lammons  Invites you---


Date and Time:
Monday, 2/26/2018    6:00 PM - (Pacific Time)
30 minutes or less

We Dare You

Borrowed from, Following Cora:


a) you don't know BUT

b) you NEED TO KNOW!!
We promise they'll be more than happy to share and more news is coming -- we'll call it Pre-Launch.

Don't worry:  have bottles.  Have labels.  Have elegant elixir!  In fact, have farm with plants and lab with equipment and genius with recipes all ready and waiting.
Waiting for?....

Website to be finished, marketing materials to be readied,  biz stuff like that!

Elegant elixir is delish and effective -- JUST ASK ANYONE ABOVE!!

Introducing .... Ta Da!

Introducing via Pre-Introduction the company created of the people, by the people and for the people:  BOCANNACO. 

Initial intro  was made to the group below on Tuesday in Torrance, CA.  They came from Missouri and Oregon as well as Northern CA -- all on SHORT notice -- and all indications are Bocannaco will be a grass-roots household name holding things together before you can say 'botanicals' and 'cannabis' creations are so good for me!

 Get on Mike's text list if you want to be updated as to date of pre-launch (Founder's Pool payable quarterly from the start), extreeemely generous per/purchase residual from the start, super-simple comp plan designed by 2 simple people (Mike & Barb Lammons) and one horse racing expert (John Daniels, of course), and

the world's best in plant growth, processing, and product creations  from an acknowledged master of the field.  (More about Dr. Lawrence later -- or better yet, hear from him yourself.  A treat in every way!…