Sunday, April 14, 2019

Incredible Dublin, CA, event!  We only have two wishes:

that it could have lasted longer and
YOU could have been here!

It was so wonderful!

Distributors came from as far away as Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Indiana, Georgia, Texas and South Carolina! 

The speakers were the best we've ever heard them! 

Doc was on fire!

Macy  filled us in on the latest installment of the ongoing, gripping (and charming) lovestory of the century.

The continuing and growing duel of Most Productive Single-handedly From a Cold Start on a Street Corner, Restaurant, Bowling Alley or Anywhere There are People Who Can Fog a Mirror between Founders Marcie High and Erica Freehill blasted off early and hadn't stopped when this blogger retired.

BUT, most important and exciting, 43 NEW DISTRIBUTORS started their Bocannaco careers!

Pictures will be forthcoming.... plus more on what was shared. 

The main takeaway for today, though, is to share Bocannaco like your hair's on fire -- and trust in what is being done on your behalf by Dr. Lawrence for the long-term good of Bocannaco, its distributors and customers!

And whatever you're doing to share, keep doing!

We personally met yesterday new distributors who learned about Bocannaco from:

a booth at a fair
a sign in a yard
a t-shirt in an elevator
a sign on the back of a truck

and of course those old standbys

the sent video and
the personal 'we need to talk' call

just to name a few!

Hug and love from Dublin -- till tomorrow!

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