Thursday, December 20, 2018

Merry Christmas to all in the Bocannaco Family

Merry Christmas to all in the Bocannaco Family and Related Universe!

Just returned from a great visit/meeting with Dr. Lawrence, David Daniels and Mike Lammons and Elie, Macy and Barb, at the great Bocannaco Labs in Torrance!

While the staff were busily sending out Bocannaco orders and DISTRIBUTOR CHECKS,  a review of the company so far followed by an aggressive planning calendar for 2019 was in order for the rest.  I think you're going to like what Doc, Dave and Mike are working on for the near future as well as into the coming year.

Look for announcements to be posted to your back office SOON.   


  • We saw 200,000 bottles waiting to be filled with BocannaCaine!  (Get to work, guys!)
  • The new ordering system in place with advancements to it set for implementing.
  • LEARNED that with every order placed, staff does a check on your weather for the next 3-4 days to be sure that your oil won't be left to freeze!
  • Ensuring that you and your customers receive the absolute tops in quality and potency is Mission #1 for Bocannaco!
  • Have in our hot little hands a prototype of just one more incredible item to add to our stable of unique and unduplicatable products. (See it tonight at the San Mateo event, Bay Area!)
  • Also have the new, tall BocannaCaine dispenser to show.
  • Mike and Dave had the CannaGize and Mike didn't stop talking until 1 a.m.!
  • I believe you'll LOVE the coming promos -- both short term and long term~


You are in our Prayers and each day we give thanks for getting to work with the most wonderful people on earth!  

Happy Holidays and May God Richly Bless you and yours!


NOTE: A special treat for those attending the Jan. 11-12 Tucson Event:  the voice of Bocannaco's Spanish language videos, Elizabeth Aguilera, will present the Bocannaco overview in Spanish so invite, invite, invite!

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