Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Treats from Marcie for Portland Event!

The Team of Nicholes/High in WA/OR are pulling out all the stops to ensure that the Saturday Bocannaco Launch Event in Portland is a great success for all in attendance, Distributors and Guests alike! 

We are SO looking forward to it!


Fresno event last night held some great Bocannaco stories:

Founder Kathleen Pannett shared a text
 from a young woman who had suffered for years from depression which had recently turned to suicidal thoughts.  She bought a bottle of Bocannaco oil at the Turley's booth in Pismo Beach and after beginning use her depression lifted!  She wanted 2 more bottles to be sure she wouldn't run out!  Kathleen read the text as forwarded to her by Margie Turley, and Margie had responded to the young woman: "You are the reason I am doing this business."

Founder Stan Houseworth shared with the crowd a couple of texts he had just received from people he had shared the oil with and who had positive and exciting responses:  it is wonderful to be able to offer relief to friends or associates who are suffering.


People wonder what my introduction to CBD, or hemp, oil was.  I happened to check the website where I purchased from and was shocked to see what I was paying per bottle: (name x'd out by me)



xxmm utilizes a unique xxmm delivery system, xxmm. Our product is a Dietary Supplement and contains hemp extract derived from the stalks and stems of the mature industrial hemp plant, which delivers healthful benefits,xxmm. 1.7 fl oz bottle
$130.00 plus taxes, shipping,handling
And how much CBD  was I getting for my $150?  Check this label:


I point this out so you can understand why I often share that the minute I tried Dr. Lawrence's CBD oil I felt a dramatic difference.  You might be wondering how there could be such a difference.

 Well, it's because there's a BIG difference between 1,000 mg. and 24 mg.!  And between the WHOLE plant and 'stems and stalks'!  Not to mention a whole host of other differences!

When Bocannaco claims to be the world's best hemp oil, it's a claim that we -- and you -- can confidently stand behind.

The evidence is clear.  The testimonies are everywhere.  Share Loud and Proud!

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