Monday, October 1, 2018


West Coast - Bay Area Team - Launch of Bocannaco is now history:  and a very fine history it was, too!  If you weren't there, you missed a fantastic weekend and if you know someone who was there, get hold of them NOW to get all the scoop.

A bunch of Distributors got to meet Dr. Lawrence, his wife (a.k.a. guinea pig) Macy, David Daniels, and Mike and Barb.  And we all got to meet YOU!  As John Daniels said to the crowd: "This is great because of YOU!"

Everyone got to try a bottle of the newest product from the Genius of Bocannaco, CANNAGIZE! It will be in your online store next week for ordering:  it is an amazing product and Barb LOVES IT!  Some think it will be bigger than the oil. 

We also got to meet the so-far unnamed pain 'cream'.  That stuff is amazing and all who suffer ( you wouldn't believe how many people live moment to moment with unrelievable pain) will LOVE this incredible invention from Doc's lab.  "Rub it on: pain is gone"... NO CHEMICALS INVOLVED!   All vegetable.  No smell.  Incredible.   (Coming shortly after  Cannagize goes live.)

The 2018-2019 Bocannaco Family Steering Committee was introduced.  Chairman Randy Orloff will be sharing more about their focus and projects in a later blog.

The Bocannaco Original Founders Reception was the first chance for all the Founders present to meet each other (from  all  over the U S) and to meet Doc, Dave, Mike and Anthony (The Voice of Bocannaco)!



Founders Reception

Welcome to the Bocannaco Family!

Anthony meets Marcie!

The Bay Area Team -- under the leadership of Marlyn Ano shown here and Cora Mandapat -- put on a fabulous event for everyone!

Registration Tables were well-manned by Distributor volunteers.
Oakhurst, CA, meets Battleground, WA - Don Brantley, Marcie High, Jeff and Rita Verdugo

Founders love to talk...and eat!

The Washington table: Marcie, Rebecca Carr, Ricardo Benitez, Dani Johnson, Sandy Taylor
John Daniels

Dr. Lawrence

Don Nicholes

Cora Mandapat, CA and Gary Spikerman, IN

Julio and Frank

Gary, Mike and Chan Krohn

Who's sneaking in?!
What? Is this the conference>  Spikerman and Kosinski

NWIN WINNERS, wait, I see some So Cal ...

Doc gives Marisa Orduno her Founders Certificate!

Notice the shirts!  Lizzie with the girls

Doc's source gets Marisa's approval!

Rosemarie Rosales and Marisa Orduno

...with John  

Meanwhile, back in Chicago: Stella May Hock and Gary De Valk and Bocannaco booth


Stclair with his guests.

From Founder Stclair Jones:  Mother-daughter Duo; mother is 94.... when she left South San Francisco Convention Center she said she felt great! I had given her one full dosage and two half dosages within the four hours that she was there... her chest pain was gone and  her leg pain was gone!  Her daughter said she had never heard her mother say "I feel great"!

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