Monday, October 8, 2018

Bocannaco Thought for the Day

Barb's Bocannaco Thought for the Day:

Many people have remarked on the simplicity of Bocannaco's business plan -- and many more will probably do the same in the future.

We have received comments that are complimentary; comments that are skeptical; and comments stating that 'there's not much gold in them thar hills'.

The last comment most often comes from someone who has worked the convoluted mines of complex comp plans that Mike loves to describe by the old football term, 'trick-eration'. 

While Bocannaco is not against complex and complicated plans with their universal  'gotcha' element, our philosophy is based on one thing and one thing only: the strength of the Bocannaco product line.

NOBODY has oil of equal quality, effectiveness and value.

NOBODY has an energy drink  equivalent in  quality, effectiveness and value to CannaGize.

NOBODY has a pain removing cream comparable to Bocannaco's (currently being named) -- PERIOD.

And don't get us started on the next creations Doc has in his lab -- or drawn in soap on his mirror!


Bocannaco's comp plan is not about recruiting:  it is about rewarding distributors based on distributing! 

In other words, straightforward commissions on sales.  AKA, residual income which gets stronger as more and more people are exposed to the startling and impressive benefits of Bocannaco's unduplicatable products.  Unduplicatable to any company that does not have Doc's recipes and access to his unequaled product sources.

So, do you need to recruit a Mt. Rushmore face to build a good income with the Bocannaco family?  NO.

It doesn't hurt, certainly, especially in speed of building.

But Bocannaco hopes and intends that each and every Distributor can achieve their goals with this simple but powerful compensation stream.

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