Thursday, September 6, 2018

With Bocannaco, there are NO SILLY QUESTIONS!

Borrowed From the Inbox:

I am excited and so very thankful to be part of this wonderful team. I will be at the west coast launch, in fact I decided to fly rather than drive and purchased my airline tickets yesterday. Have a blast in Indiana. I've already made a few friends in the Bocannaco family from the mid-west team. Wish I was there as well, but I will be following all the posts and cannawise blog.

 I shared the oil with my mother's church band last night where I got this response after 5 minutes: "now call this question silly, but could I possibly be feeling this working already?".   This gentleman has had brain surgeries and deals with daily headaches and fibromyalgia. 

I am always ecstatic when there are others like me that feel the improvements from the oil instantaneously. What a wonderful business and product we get to be in. Have safe travels and I'm looking forward to hearing from ya'll in the mid west. Tell my team hellllloooooo. Marcie High

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