Monday, September 10, 2018


A great weekend in Bocannaco from coast to (almost) coast.....pix below:

John, Randy and Cora finishing up booth in OR.

Randy's gadget makes the website highly visible and heard. Down right personal

Oregon...can you spot the booth?

Looking good, Bocannaco distributors!

Cora taking a much-deserved break!

Cora and the Lambeths making new friends.

The Midwest checks in...

Bob and Minerva and 30 or so of their close friends...

Showing the video...

Indiana is turning up for Bocannaco!

Just a few of the people the oil is helping.

The Kosinski Krush!

Mr. John Daniels himself!

They love the Doc!

Small world proof:  the blonde Indiana lady in front row right went to school with Doc in the 7th grade -- in So Cal!! 

David, Mike and Dr. Lawrence together in one place.

The voice of Bocannaco, Anthony, on the right.

Macy Lawrence sharing from her heart.
Catch up on the call in a few...:)

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