Thursday, September 27, 2018

Bocannaco Launch by the Bay

Great news article here from ABC30 tv:

Mainstream markets in Valley selling out of CBD despite gray areas in legality and medical value



Battleground, WA, meets Bocannaco!


Marcie High shares the good news about Bocannaco oil with interested people gathered to listen and learn!


If you notice the earth shifting on its axis today and tomorrow, it's because a lot of people are heading to South San Francisco for the official launch of Bocannaco -- celebrating the completion of its FIRST FULL MONTH OF OPERATION!! 

We are all expecting a fun, fact-filled, fast and fantastic weekend that will kick off a record-setting first year of unequaled, unique and unduplicatable creations from Dr. Lawrence's lab for Bocannaco's Family of Distributors to enjoy and share!



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