Thursday, September 27, 2018

Bocannaco Launch by the Bay

Great news article here from ABC30 tv:

Mainstream markets in Valley selling out of CBD despite gray areas in legality and medical value



Battleground, WA, meets Bocannaco!


Marcie High shares the good news about Bocannaco oil with interested people gathered to listen and learn!


If you notice the earth shifting on its axis today and tomorrow, it's because a lot of people are heading to South San Francisco for the official launch of Bocannaco -- celebrating the completion of its FIRST FULL MONTH OF OPERATION!! 

We are all expecting a fun, fact-filled, fast and fantastic weekend that will kick off a record-setting first year of unequaled, unique and unduplicatable creations from Dr. Lawrence's lab for Bocannaco's Family of Distributors to enjoy and share!



Monday, September 24, 2018


Bocannaco Overview Tuesday, September 25 at 7pm. 90 E. Escalon Ave Suite 104. Fresno, Ca 93710. ( Located off of Blackstone on Escalon North of Bullard ). -- Jeff Verdugo

CBD Hour Wednesday, September 26, 7-9pm
Blue Castle Espresso, 802 SE 14th Avenue, Battleground, WA -- Marcie High


Bocannaco 'September to Remember' West Coast Launch !!

South San Francisco Conference Center



Wednesday, September 19, 2018

It was special last night to have Honored Guests at the Fresno meeting!  5-Star Founders Marlyn Ano, Cora Mandapat and Randy Orloff, Bay Area Leaders, drove down to catch up with the Central Valley Team in person.  And boy, did the Valley put on a show!

A packed house, lots of guests, exciting testimonials -- it was SO FINE!  Great job, Team!

And welcome to the new Distributors and Founders #2!

Desi and Warren getting set up...

Breaking down involves getting together!


A lady sent this in on the website - Anthony:

"I bought Bocannaco oil from Nancy DeLaroca (ndlaroca) , a family friend, for severe pain due to advanced degenerative disk disease. The pain relief has been remarkable, enabling me to give up Vicodin and walk without a cane. I would now like to become a distributor for my area, Long Beach Island, New Jersey.  Please advise how to proceed."


Nancy lives in So Cal.... her friend is in NJ....COAST-TO-COAST -- BOOM!


Lots of interest in the new pain cream that Doc has mixed up in his lab....and he is so excited about it because it is getting great results.  People (that he gives it to) report headaches gone just from rubbing on forehead;  hip pain disappears from rubbing on hip; sore heal relief for seceral hours from a quick application; and so on.  

Doc is also excited because it is all vegetable, NO CHEMICALS whatsoever.  (He's kind of big on all natural things!)


By the way, we may call Doc doc, and he is. Many times over.

But he is not your doctor and it is illegal for him to dispense medical diagnoses to patients of other doctors!  So please don't ask him to diagnose your symptoms:  go to your MD for that, please.  Thank you!


Counting down to the Big Party! 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Excitement is building as we head into Bocannaco's  West Coast Launch!  Marlyn is renegotiating with the Holiday Inn for more rooms, Ray and a bunch need Thursday night rooms, Cora has found a karaoke venue for Saturday night (line up, kids!), and the Central Valley Team are building like crazy so we will have a fantastic kickoff!  HOPE YOU'RE COMING!


Today's news clip features a well-composed tear-jerker from Leader and Bocannaco Original Founder Pool Member Marcie High.

From Marcie High:   " My mom just called with pure excitement on these dramatic changes in my stepdad, Doug, from using our CBD oil. Doug had been diagnosed with Dementia/ Alzheimer's, Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) and has an artificial aorta valve(St Judes) for which he takes Warfarin blood thinner.

Because of the Warfarin Doug is unable to have surgical procedures to repair the Hydrocephalus due to stroke risk. Doug started taking CBD daily on Friday. My mom's call was very detailed with these noticeable changes.

Doug is more energetic, not stagnant and sitting on the couch most of the day with a confused blunted affect. He is asking my mom how he can help around the house with tasks such as dishes, taking his own dish to the sink, cleans his room and making his bed before he starts his morning (they sleep in different rooms). He is having more meaningful conversations and not only answering questions or repeatedly asking the same question. These things he hasn't done for at least 2 years.

He hasn't had a headache for 2 days nor rubbed his forehead in complaint of the headache. Before this week, my mom has had Doug using a cane for stability and scooting his feet while walking. Yesterday Doug used his cane without prompts and said "I'll take this for support to help me walk". He is not shuffling his feet as much either. My mom told me she didn't need to take a "nerve pill" because of these wonderful changes. I did remind her that she also took our oil. My parents are so happy with these results they asked me to share this with the Bocannaco team leaders and to give Dr Lawrence a huge THANK YOU. They will continue to update us as well."


Thank you for sharing, Marcie -- and give your Mom and Doug a big hug from all of us!  


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

3 Things

THREE things for Tuesday:

1.  Bocannaco call recorded last night: Special Guest Bocannaco Original Founders Pool Member ED DOWNS, click here.

2.  Register for the Bocannaco West Coast Launch lollapalooza early:  here is  Bocannaco Original Founders Pool Member CORA MANDAPAT's Venmo link --  

Remember it is Founders $20, please, and Distributors $10, please.  Guests FREE as always.  Getting registered early will help the host team have your badges, etc, ready and give us a head count for event prep.

3.  Founders Pool #2 is ready now in your Store.  Two 10-paks had been snapped up within the first 30 minutes!

Monday, September 10, 2018


A great weekend in Bocannaco from coast to (almost) coast.....pix below:

John, Randy and Cora finishing up booth in OR.

Randy's gadget makes the website highly visible and heard. Down right personal

Oregon...can you spot the booth?

Looking good, Bocannaco distributors!

Cora taking a much-deserved break!

Cora and the Lambeths making new friends.

The Midwest checks in...

Bob and Minerva and 30 or so of their close friends...

Showing the video...

Indiana is turning up for Bocannaco!

Just a few of the people the oil is helping.

The Kosinski Krush!

Mr. John Daniels himself!

They love the Doc!

Small world proof:  the blonde Indiana lady in front row right went to school with Doc in the 7th grade -- in So Cal!! 

David, Mike and Dr. Lawrence together in one place.

The voice of Bocannaco, Anthony, on the right.

Macy Lawrence sharing from her heart.
Catch up on the call in a few...:)

Friday, September 7, 2018


 (Alphabetical by First Name)


                 BONUS POOL MEMBERS:

A.L. Kawaja
Ainsly Dora
Alexander Beepath
Ana Buchanan
Andrea Laygo
Anthony Howse, Jr.
Anthony Huff
Anthony Rodriguez
Arsenio Silva
Aurora Rabuy
Avita Pizano
Barry Hammond
Bob Hutchens
Brenda Ortiz
Bryce MacDonald
Carlee Anne Rodriguez
Casey Slonkonsky
Catherine Wong
Cesar Torres
Chan Krohn
Char Prendergast
Cheryl Pangelinan
China Taylor
Christina Scardino
Claudia Evans
Conrad Zamora
Cora mandapat
Cristina Rice
Dani Johnson
Daniel Brown
David Best
Deanne Mandapat
Denny Mongold
Derrick Johnson
Destinee Wolfe
Don Brantley
Don Nicholes
Donna Kosinski
Ed Downs
Eduardo Tolentino
Elizabeth Aguilera
Erin Schultz
Erlinda Daco
Erlinda Luistro
Evan Acap
Faye Dodge
Federico Mandapat
Francine and Prince Smith
Fred Mandapat
Gail Sorreta
Gary N. DeValk
Gary Spickerman
Gayla Pinkosky
Gerald Lowell
Gerrard Gier
Gilbert Babia
Gilbert Sanchez
Gloria Leonard
Gloria Magali
Henry Young
James Banaszak
Jameson Carter
Jason Daniels
Jason Sutton
Jeff Rice
Jeff Verdugo
Jocelyn Mapula
John and Cyndi Lindsay
John Costello
John Downs
John Lambeth
John Newton
John Thorgren, Jr.
John Vicente
Josue Garcia
Judit Jaime
Julieta Magpantay
Kari Khommarath-Rice
Katherine Ayala
Kelly Gilmore
Kelly Randall
Kyle Maxwell
Larry Everett
Linda Rogers
Lois Hanna
Lorraine Brustas
Lucila Li
Luke Larson
Lynda Azevedo
Lyndon Williams
Lynne Comstock
Macy Lawrence
Malia Young-Brohn
Marcie High
Margarita Espinoza
Maria de Los Angeles Cerda
Marisa Orduno
Marjorie Vehorn
Mark Christopherson
Mark Coleman
Mark Fagan
Marlene Zamora
Mary Ann Badgett
Mary Wong
Matthew Havens
Melissa Teer
Merrian Lammons-Mills
Minerva White
Monique Chambers
Nancy Dela Roca
Oscar Penaranda
Pamela Wyly
Dr. Pat Duff
Patricia Lowell
Patricia Nuzzo
Dr. Philip Slonkosky
Ramon Rodriguez
Ramona Tejada
Randy Orloff
Raymond Kosinski
Raymond Kosinski 2
Rebecca Kirkpatrick
Reece Gagnon
Rev. Ned Brown
Rhonda Beebe
Ricardo Benitez
Richard Crouse
Robert and Arisa Williams
Robert de la Cruz
Robert White
Rod Halili
Ron Allen
Ron Bateman
Ron Nabhan
Ruthann Sharp
Shelli Johnson
Soledad Marcinkowski
Sonie Jean-pierre
Stclair Jones
Stella May Hock
Steven Badgett/Mary Ann Badgett
Stewart Hutchens III
Sue Edwards
Teresa Kimm
Tessa Spila
Thomas Caco
Troy Bowman
Vera Fierro
Vicky DeVries
Vicky/Ron Priestley
Virginia Morton
Wanic Jean-pierre
Warren Pannett
Wayne Montgomery
Yvonne Wheeler
Zachary Downs

Congratulations to each Member, and Congratulations to Bocannaco on such a Wonderful group of Leaders!



TOMORROW.  9-8-18  Start time: 10am

9120 Calumet Ave
Munster Indiana 46321

219 301 7299
Venue had to change because the first room was going to be too small. Please let all your team know in cases they are sending guests to meet Dr. Lawrence and all!


NOTE THE NEW Weekly and Monthly History in the My Money Section of your Back Office!  Thanks, David!


Bocannaco Family in IN -- Mike says "they are sure Huggers back here":

Lunch and Share today....


Spanish Bocannaco Presentation Monday September 10, 7pm, Universal Cuts Hair Salon, 4617 N. Fresno St, Fresno, CA 93726. LIMITED SEATS so please call or text Jeff Verdugo to confirm-(559-676-3271)
NEW LOCATION: Bocannaco Overview Tuesday, September 11 at 7pm. 90 E. Escalon Ave Suite 104. Fresno, Ca 93710. ( On the corner of Blackstone & Escalon North of Bullard ).

Thursday, September 6, 2018

With Bocannaco, there are NO SILLY QUESTIONS!

Borrowed From the Inbox:

I am excited and so very thankful to be part of this wonderful team. I will be at the west coast launch, in fact I decided to fly rather than drive and purchased my airline tickets yesterday. Have a blast in Indiana. I've already made a few friends in the Bocannaco family from the mid-west team. Wish I was there as well, but I will be following all the posts and cannawise blog.

 I shared the oil with my mother's church band last night where I got this response after 5 minutes: "now call this question silly, but could I possibly be feeling this working already?".   This gentleman has had brain surgeries and deals with daily headaches and fibromyalgia. 

I am always ecstatic when there are others like me that feel the improvements from the oil instantaneously. What a wonderful business and product we get to be in. Have safe travels and I'm looking forward to hearing from ya'll in the mid west. Tell my team hellllloooooo. Marcie High

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Just-Like-Family Ties

Great crowd packed Fresno meeting last night and were surprised by a special guest from midwest -- Chicago+ Leader/Founder Ray Kosinski!  It was so fun for all of us to meet the man behind the Facebook posts-- thanks for the quick trip out, Ray!

Mike, Ray, Jeff

Ray shared his story

Barb, Rita, Don, Jeff, Ray, Heather

SRO...Founder Robert de la Cruz was outside the room helping others get started!


 Thursday, Friday, Saturday, MIDWEST BOCANNACO LAUNCH !  Flyers on Team Bocannaco Facebook and in your back office for details and info.




Image result for eyes looking down clipart
When ordering product, please be sure to check that your account numbers are entered correctly!  It just takes a nano-moment to ensure a completed order so you don't have a missed order -- or a missed check! 



Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Instant relief!

Thanks to 5 Star Founder John Lindsay for sharing on the call last night.  Click here to listen.


REMINDER: Bocannaco Presentation
Tuesday, September 4th at 7 PM location: Angela's Italian restaurant
5251 North Blackstone Ave., Fresno, CA 93710
In the Banquet room.  Bring 2 guests and see what you get!

From the Facebook Team Bocannaco and Bocannaco Leadership groups:

From Dr. Lawrence
@Heather, yes we guarantee there is ZERO THC. It does not show up on tests and this can be seen when you look at the Certificates of Analysis. We have made these certificates available to you and any governmental body. We are about to put on QR codes that can be read by your own personal cell phone. If we lie we are subject to fraud, misrepresentation, and a host of everything you can think of. We or actually me, would go straight to jail. There are companies out there that purport No THC and yet when tested, they indeed have THC. Eventually the FDA will lock their doors and send them off to prison. Currently there is not enough people in the FDA to catch them all in one day or even one week however eventually they will get caught.


Brain cancer spread to lungs..... a few of us will be supplying her OIL FREE OF CHARGE so if anyone else would like to make life easier for Kris and please do so -- Stella May Hock


"If you have a great testimony the product will sell itself. Relief of my lower back pain and better sleep is mine. Sold 4 bottles last week and 4 this week so far. Imagine the people we will help."


"I’m not a big drinker and last night I consumed more than I should have. After paying the price I had a awful headache and as I laid there in my misery I wondered if Bocannaco would help. Well it was instant relief. I was happily amazed. The head pain was gone. Who knew!"


Hi everyone, I wanted to share a picture to go along with my phone share on Monday's conference call. This is my spine prior to my 2nd surgery (the white is supposed to be connected). THIS is why I take Bocannaco CBD oil for my pain. I'm on day 12 and the positive changes are still happening. I'm so thankful to be part of such an amazing Team and Product. I'm looking forward to our future together. -- Marcie High