Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Bocannaco, the Place to Be!


Fwd: Hi Cora, Good morning. Just want to share with you that our CBD works wonders for my shoulders; for the first time I got relief from stiffness and pain in the morning (upon waking up, I usually have it)...thanks. I'm now a believer! Sometimes, the stars are aligned and I believe ours met yesterday. I'm now sharing my story ...a true believer and satisfied Registered Nurse, new distributor Regina P.


Tom McGinnis has been on Bocannaco oil for 2 weeks and shared with the group his results:  he was taking 30 units of insulin 3 x daily; now is taking 20 units  3 x daily and his blood sugar count has gone down!  He is so excited at the prospect of what one month -- or more -- on the oil might do!

Bay Area Bocannaco Leader Cora Mandapat (r) at a local industry convention yesterday:  the most powerful CBD she could find was just 240 mg!  She made some new contacts and has appointments set to share Bocannaco!

Meet Marisa Orduno, Bocannaco FIVE STAR FOUNDER, with Barb. She has a Mariachi Band that travels around Calif... She used to have a band that traveled the entire USA. She and her group played in opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics. We're working on her doing music for our San Fran Launch on 9-29-18 This is at Fresno Mtg Tuesday night. 

The last to leave Fresno event get their pic taken!  Lots of guests and new Distributors to welcome!

Desi Fierro explaining things to Mike.


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