Thursday, August 23, 2018

Bocannaco Helps Me


Subject: RE: Citrus and Plastic

  1. This rule of thumb, citrus vs plastic bottle = bad, is pretty much an old wives tale. Just ask yourself how much orange or lemon juice you see in plastic bottles. Forget the cartons, just look in the store for juice in plastic bottles. Of course if the plastic contains bisphenol A. (BPA), then it bleeds out carcinogens with any liquid. Our bottles are BPA free.  
  2. Our bottles are also HDPE plastic (High Density Polyethylene). It’s the highest quality plastic for just about any product. It happens to be the best choice for safety in so many regards.
  3. We don’t use citrus flavor. Flavorings are artificial and frankly, I just won’t do it. We use lemon oil but not the lemon oil made from the entire lemon. We use only the rind. If you strip off a lemon rind and bite off a small amount from the inside of the rind, you will taste exactly what you taste in Bocannaco.


FROM THE 'How Bocannaco Helps Me' File:

Following is from FIVE STAR Ron Nabhan in Indiana --  " Mike. I just started two new people on our oil less than a week ago. One of them is an employee of mine. He was in Iraq and had some very bad experiences. One incident everybody in his platoon was killed but him and one other guy. He goes to weekly meeting to keep sane. Has a hard time with anxiety and dealing with people. I told him I would buy his first bottle because the guy bust ass for me and is a great employee. He text me after the first night. Yes, first night, and said that was the first time in years he slept without having nightmares. Text me the next night and thanked me over and over and said he slept like a baby and how well he feels. All because of this CBD oil. 

My hairdresser has major problems with his feet. He started CBD about a week ago. He text me after three days and said thanks brother, I’ve been on pain pills for years and I haven’t had pain since trying the CBD oil you got me. Unbelievable.... no pain. And he is now starting his sister on it who has MS. I’ll keep you updated with her results. Yes, she can put them on blog for sure.... if you wanted to tape the guy who works for me when you're up here I’m sure he would have no issues also. He is so appreciative." 


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