Wednesday, June 20, 2018

All you need to send people is this video

Exactly 4 months ago today we had our first group to meet at Dr. Lawrence’s office and lab in L.A.

Barb and I invited them to come meet Doc and verify what we were kicking around in starting a brand new MLM. 

It is amazing  what has been accomplished in 4 months and what is astonishing to us is how many of you see the same incredible opportunity we all did. 

All our legal work done and approved:
Websites and back office up and ready to go live. 
Product and bottles at Doc’s office and just waiting on labels.  
All new equipment installed for shipping product and this department  ready to ship when we get green light. 

We already have regular meetings happening across USA now- without a product. 

“Can You Imagine” when our products start rolling out??!

This video is all you need to send folks!

Kudos to Anthony Huff, video-maker extraordinaire, for the awesome trio of Bocannaco videos to date.  Such talent!

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