Friday, May 18, 2018

It always gets faster in the home stretch!

And Bocannaco Launch is entering the Home Stretch!

Join the Bo-Bay Area Team tomorrow if you can -- details on yesterday's blog.

Bocannaco Call this week IS ON SUNDAY!  6pm.  May 20.  

Dial (515) 739-1030     Access Code 319-289-214#



A surprise email from a Happy Bocannaco pre-Consumer in the middle of the country:)

"Hi guys, 
I hope all is well. I wanted to let you know how Bocannaco has been working for me. 

The reason I was really interested in CBD/Hemp Oil was for my anxiety. When I was driving or when things suddenly went out of plan or not in "the plan", I would get anxiety so bad. It started about 5 years ago and progressively got worse over the years. My therapist seemed to think it wasn't just anxiety but more of anxiety attacks. I wanted to try anything that was all natural before I went to a doctor-prescribed medication. So that is when I started to try CBD.

About a year ago, I tried one from another network marketing company. I used it on a regular basis for about a month and felt nothing. I ended up giving the rest of the bottle to my neighbor, but she felt nothing as well. After that I tried another one from an MLM;  this one was water based and I was told it would work instantly. Yet again it failed and did not do anything for me. I tried to stay positive, because I know every body is different and will absorb and react differently, just like any other thing you put in your body such as food or alcohol. 

With all the talk and involvement learning about Bocannaco, I was able to get a bottle April 5th

When I received it I took one dropper before bed as that is what I thought was a serving. I would say the first day or two, I was actually sick so I was not sure if I felt anything. Soon after within, I would say the first week, I noticed I was more calm and when in situations I would normally have anxiety in the past, I was not getting it. I was thrilled! I continued to take the product over the month and noticed I still had half the bottle left. I was confused, I thought each bottle was a 30 day supply. 

About 2 weeks ago I was on the phone with John and he was like no you are supposed to take 2 droppers a day! I was like oh, that makes sense! So, I started taking 2 a day for about 3-4 days and it didn't change the way I felt, so I went back to one. 

The thing people have to realize is every body's body is different, some people may only need one dropper, some 2 and maybe some more. But one worked for me! 

Also after using the product I have been sleeping so good. Once I fall asleep, I no longer wake up 2-3 times in the middle of the night. I am sleeping and then when its time to get up, I wake up feel great and think to my self another restful night because of Bocannaco

The moral of the story, I do not have any thing majorly wrong with me, but I think many Americans live with anxiety and have troubles sleeping, so that may be a good way to pitch this product. Its not just for pain or crazy things, it is great as a supplement and could be used in place of some drug prescribed from a doctor. 

It works for me and it could work for others too. 

I am patiently waiting for the product as is every one else. I have about 1/4 of my bottle yet and I am stretching it by now doing a half a dropper a day. I can tell the difference on that so I might go back to 1 full dropper, we will see. 

I hope this email assist you guys in some way.

By the way great job with the meetings! Maybe one day you guys can make it out by Chicago for one! 



Great letter, huh?  Thanks to Avita for taking the trouble to share!

Hope to see some of you in San Bruno Saturday and others in Torrance Monday or Tuesday!

We meet up with IT creator David tomorrow early to catch up on the back office -- more later!  

Have a blessed weekend!

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