Sunday, May 20, 2018

Fast Times for Bocannaco

Thanks to the Bo-Bay Team for an awesome event yesterday...

Leaders and Bocannaco Founders Bonus Pool Members Cora Mandapat and  Julieta Magpantay

Things were so intense the cameras didn't come out until most had left -- the paperwork was flying!  L-R:  Arsenio, Warren, Francine, Barb, Alanna, Julieta, Marlyn, Alfred, Cora, Stella, Mike, Prince.

We will catch up on the Call tonight, 6pm! Things are moving FAST.


From the WHAAAAT  Department:

Opioid crisis cost $504B in 2015, higher than once thought

 WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump said Monday that the opioid epidemic is “ravaging so many American families and communities.” It also appears to be more expensive than previously thought, according to a government analysis released Monday.   Opioid crisis cost $504B in 2015, higher than once thought


Update from Mary:

Thanks Barb,The dog still has a little hitch in her giddy-up, but she is starting to run and jump even tho the vet said she shouldn't jump..Can't keep an active dog down.   She still is not going UP steps but will go down them.  The weight is put on her back legs when she goes up a step so she is still hesitant.  But every day we see stronger improvements.  Still giving her 4 drops of CBD oil every evening. 
What a difference!!


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