Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The first Bocannaco Founder Bonus Pool Member and First Distributor !!

Great call last night.  Dr. Lawrence was a big hit with everyone and so glad that a bunch of you got to hear from him direct about why Bocannaco is the 'real deal'.

The first Bocannaco Founder Bonus Pool Member and First Distributor submitted their paperwork this morning:  Welcome on board Warren and Kathleen Pannett!  

Warren and Kathleen Pannett, Bocannaco Founder/Distributors

The beginning is now and what an exciting endeavor to be part of!


David sent a link just now to the Bocannaco Opportunity video:   it is Awesome!  It should post for you to view and share with others shortly.  David's videos are an incredibly helpful tool to help you market your business quickly and powerfully.  At only 6 minutes long, anybody can make time to give it a look.


One of the bumps we have dealt with involved not using the term CBD on our website and in materials (don't ask -- political mumbojumbo).  But that has been cleared away by the President and after  time spent  scrubbing those 3 letters from all our documents, we now find it is  ok to use!

I bring this up because if you think we're a bit slow getting all up and running, it is partly due to such hair-splitting as this.  (Sigh.)  But with patience and prayer everything is coming together!  Thanks for  your patience and encouragement -- and prayers!


By the way,  the Incredible and Indefatigable John Lambeth (you've been hearing him on the calls) called today and asked if we had business cards and brochures ready to go.  Mike told him 'No'.  He asked who was working on them.  Mike said 'No one'.  

Well, it turns out John's wife is a graphic designer and volunteered to design a few items and (after approval by the attorney) post the templates so anyone can download and use.  

How generous!  That is typical of the grassroots group effort this project has been from the start.  We are amazed, humbled, and SO GRATEFUL for the sharing of talent you guys bring.  And big hugs to the Lambeths!


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