Thursday, March 29, 2018

You should see him now!

From Mike:  We're sure gonna have fun with this biz. I went over to mow neighbor's back acre so they can have a softball game Saturday.  There will be 30 to 40 people there and they're all gonna be asking about our trees AND what we do for living. Will just have to take signup sheet with us!.

While mowing, my pager keeps going off. It is a  PHD -- head of a Dept at Univ of ___ who is pestering me to get Rolling with Bocannaco. Talking To her again tomorrow and she has bunch of professional folks ready to go. She is also an MLM machine.

It's crazy that I'm getting texts from people  trying to recruit for a company that isn't open yet,  right here before Easter all while mowing neighbor's yard with my Tractor.

I repeat:   I think we're sure gonna have fun with this biz.


Went up to see Kathleen and Michael yesterday -- every day he is making progress at gaining his life back.   Kathleen said that she had been sure that this would be the year her brother died:  he was placed on hospice last year and had really regressed over the past few months.

You should see him now --- if the only reason this Bocannaco idea is being born and spread to others was to help Michael, that's enough for me! 


Happy Easter, all!

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