Monday, March 12, 2018

Such a time as this!

Off to LA for a great time of introducing a group of business builders to Dr. Lawrence face-to-face!  Meeting a few of them for the first time ourselves!

Marlyn, Cora and Randy and teammates Prince and Francine are flying down in the morning, and Jeff and Rita driving down from the hills -- as well as some 'locals' who'll be there.

Updates for all on the comp plan which David should have programmed in any minute -- and updates from the Doc on product packages, logo, news, etc.

As the days wind down we are closer to having a Founder's Pool sign in page, along with whatever else Dave has ready for beta testing.  Based on David's record with Digital World, however, we are expecting NO GLITCHES. So beta tests should be short and sweeet!

Anthony is an incredible video-creator and I'm sure has some product and industry videos ready to roll out for our use in sharing the hemp and CBD benefits with others.

Mike and Barb will be on the road so if you want to contact either, text or call!  We are so excited to hear from you.

As we ponder the moment at which we now sit, we are amazed .... truly amazed.  The potential for launching a project of this magnitude with such speed and so little drama -- we would have told you, based on our past experiences with other companies -- would be impossible.

Yet, here we are.  A genius and experienced product creator.  An IT original.  A simple and straightforward marketing plan which can put the maximum amount of product into the hands of the public the fastest...

We are so grateful to be present at such a time as this.  With you!


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