Thursday, March 1, 2018

Excellent and interesting brief video of hemp/CBD -- be sure to watch!

Thanks to Bocannaco's Randy Orloff for this interesting article:

To add to the growing body of evidence of medical prowess of marijuana, a medical charity in Illinois – the American Epilepsy Society (AES) – has now announced, that a study it supervised has proven that marijuana is an effective cure for seizures, especially in children. The AES has accepted the study in its online journal.

The heartwarming announcement was made at the annual meeting of the AES. It is said the study was the largest ever study showing marijuana is capable of curing seizures.
According to statistics, epilepsy affects one in 26 Americans during their lifetime. One-third is said to have a form of the condition that resists treatment or effective management. However, children and young adults are the most vulnerable to this devastating condition.
According to the study, Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive extract of cannabis, can provide the best option for the treatment of epilepsy, especially in children.

During the study, 261 patients were given CBD treatment. The results showed that 45% experienced a significant reduction in seizure frequency, with 9% seizure-free just in three months of CBD being administered.  The researcher said, even after the study, some children continued to benefit from the plant.
Lead author of the study, Dr Orrin Devinsky said: “In the subsequent periods, which are very encouraging, 9 percent of all patients and 13 percent of those with Dravet Syndrome epilepsy were seizure-free. Many have never been seizure-free before.”


For  David Daniels' excellent and interesting brief video of hemp/CBD history and efficacy, click here!

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