Monday, March 19, 2018

Bocannaco Healthy People


Marlene was awesome on the call last night: if you missed it, click on link below to hear how the oil helped her dad, herself, her daughter, friend, and husband... and much more!
Also, Ted Dawes chimed in with what he is noticing after using Dr. Lawrence's oil for two weeks.

We're in the first stage of our motto:  Healthy People.  

Next come Healthy Profits and Healthy Difference!


Just saw revised Bocannaco Introductory video and it is AWESOME!  Stay tuned for it -- should be uploaded publicly imminently. 


John Daniels sent along a link to a trove of CBD/hemp oil industry videos:  am wading through them to see if any are worth posting here.

 More Later~

Bocannaco Call with Marlene:

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