Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Bocannaco: A Healthy Difference

From Mike Lammons:

Amazing the success u can have when u help a bunch of folks share with their friends.

When we got the award below, there were over 2 million reps in Excel and we had never even been in a network marketed company.  It was a tough product with a stingy comp plan!

We can guarantee you that no one has ever seen a generous marketing plan like Bocannaco is putting together!

And for sure no one has ever seen products like we have.  Our goal and belief:  Bocannaco's residual payments to its distributors will dwarf everything that has gone before.

Plant your seeds.



If you have been researching the subject of cannabis and are wondering what sets Bocannaco apart from the rest of the market, read the following from Dr. Lawrence -- it is knowledge you need today with a definitive Mission Statement at the end!

Newsletter from Dr. Lawrence:  

If you open the internet visiting CBD’s, you will notice a plethora of people have found a new medium with which to forge an attempt at making a fortune. Unfortunately, along with this new buzz acronym CBD or HEMP (exact same item), you get the hype that never allows you to figure out if the product you may or may not purchase is medically efficacious or snake oil. 

Almost all growers/processors do what is called spiking which is to add isolate into their oils to fool scientific equipment into seeing a high amount of CBD in their product. Isolate is the removal of all oil and terpenes leaving the CBD empty of most of its ability to perform. This is much cheaper to make when used as an additive to enhance oil strength in milligrams (mg.) 

You need only to chemically flush all the oil and terpenes away or use high temperatures to quickly remove all oils and terpenes to end up with 99.9% pure CBD crystals. Then add just a fraction of these crystals and a few terpenes usually purchased from China or other plant terpenes non-indigenous to hemp or no terpenes at all and call it CBD or hemp oil

The grower rarely asks any lab for a Certificate of Analysis and if they do, they will not ask them to test for terpenes because he/she knows that their terpene types and amounts are negligible, usually less than 10 making anything with health benefits. where they should be at 35 to 40. We have not only been tested on each lot in house, we send a sample of each lot out (GMP standards), to an outside lab. And anyone may take any one of our products and send it out for testing to a cannabis testing labs known by us, or any cannabis lab of their own choice.

All living things need to have balance to perform at their best and CBD without balance is no different. The hemp plant has over 200 terpenes; however for qualitative homeostasis only 35 to 40 terpenes promote optimal hormonal balance, as these terpenes have individual characteristics highly important to the CBD mixture. The others are negligible and remain mostly as trace elements in the roots of the plant. 

The retail store has little chemistry knowledge hence they can only rely on buying by the price or what the salesman has to say. We supply facts, chemistry, and proof which should be the backbone of a good solid company that believes in what they sell.

We agree 100% with capitalism; however we value the fact that our distributors have integrity above greed. We are the best: however we are not going to charge prices that only the very wealthy can afford. In almost every case, our products are sold at median prices. We believe we can make healthy people as well as healthy profits. Our goal is to make a healthy difference.


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