Thursday, February 22, 2018

Introducing .... Ta Da!

Introducing via Pre-Introduction the company created of the people, by the people and for the people:  BOCANNACO. 

Initial intro  was made to the group below on Tuesday in Torrance, CA.  They came from Missouri and Oregon as well as Northern CA -- all on SHORT notice -- and all indications are Bocannaco will be a grass-roots household name holding things together before you can say 'botanicals' and 'cannabis' creations are so good for me!

L-R: Macy, Ted, Randy, Kathy and Ken, Marlyn, Don and Sandy, Dr. Lawrence, Cora, Barb and Mike.
 Get on Mike's text list if you want to be updated as to date of pre-launch (Founder's Pool payable quarterly from the start), extreeemely generous per/purchase residual from the start, super-simple comp plan designed by 2 simple people (Mike & Barb Lammons) and one horse racing expert (John Daniels, of course), and

the world's best in plant growth, processing, and product creations  from an acknowledged master of the field.  (More about Dr. Lawrence later -- or better yet, hear from him yourself.  A treat in every way!)

It won't be long now -- stay tuned for more news daily!

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